Broken Permanent Teeth

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6Year-old's Permanent Teeth Growing in Brown on the Bottom by Gumline

G.M. asks from New York

My daughter has been going to the dentist since she is 3 every year, before I make a trip to the dentist again this year, would anyone have any insight as to why a ch...


My Son's Teeth

S.M. asks from Reno

hi iam new to mamasource i think this is a great way to connect with alot of people! anyways my 7 1/2 yr old son has the worst teeth!! they are so rotten from not bru...


Pus Pocket? Above 5 Y/o Daughter's Tooth

L.N. asks from Enid

My 5 y/o came up to me yesterday and showed me this "squishy" spot on her gum it is above one of her front teeth. We pushed on it and it is in fact "squishy" we asked...


Help! My 9 Yr Old Daughter Broke Her Front Tooth Yesterday!!

L. asks from Dallas

So she was at a bday party at main even with her dad and while playing laser tag, someone knocked their gun into her face (it was apparently not intentional) and brok...


My 7-Year-old Has No Teeth!

A.C. asks from Boston

My son lost his two front teeth and two bottom teeth back around late November 2008. He turned 7 in January 2009 and started to get his permanent bottom teeth in but...


7 Years Old Daughter Broke Her Tooth in the Park District Swiming Pool

S.K. asks from Chicago

Hello Last Friday my kids went to the Swiming pool and their my daughter sliped form the slide because she was trying to climb from the wrong direction . I really...


Top Teeth

A.S. asks from Los Angeles

My 6 year old lost her 2 top teeth (naturally, they weren't pulled by a dentist or anything) 4 months ago now and the permanent ones are nowhere in sight! O_O My son...


Help for an Adult That Grinds Teeth

V.M. asks from Erie

I've already seen several dentists. I'm a little frustrated because I am on my third Opinion at this point, the latest one gave me a special mouth guard that is horri...


Daughter with Broken Capillary Under Eye

C.P. asks from San Francisco

I have a daughter almost 5 years old. She devoped a broken capillary patch under her eye when she was two after being bit by some type of bug. Her pediatrician told u...


Deciding on Orthodonic Treatment

L.O. asks from Detroit

My 7 year old son lost his 3rd tooth on the bottom.. within 2 or 3 weeks that teeth that were next to the empty space where the tooth was.. moved on over.. and the sp...