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Updated on February 17, 2011
G.G. asks from Coppell, TX
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Hi Ladies,

I have a question about the formula. Which one do you prefer similac vs enfamil. My friend told me that all her kids were getting sick when they were on similac. When she switched to enfamil her kids got much better.
What do you thing?

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answers from San Francisco on

They are really very similar. People will swear that one is better than the other. Whichever you prefer will be fine.

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answers from Dallas on

Hi - I think it is a toss up. Some people love one brand and others love the other one. I think most kids will accept any formula so just start with one and chances are it will work. I will say I see many more coupons for Enfamil than similac so factor that into your decision. Personally if I was doing it again I would start my child on generic (Walmart or Target) brand and see what happens. I had to give my daughter similac in the hospital while we worked out the breastfeeding issues. She did fine on it but I think she probably would have taken any name brand or generic and also been fine.

Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

In reading the responses it really sounds like everyone is different. With my first child we fed Good Start and loved it. We really didn't know any better at the time so we stuck with it. With my second one we started with Enfamil but it made my son stink. Ped wasn't sure if it was gas or just a reaction to the formula. We switched to soy to see if it was a lactose reaction and then to Similac Sensitive. He has had no issues with the Similac. We then switched to Sam's brand sensitive (which is Enfamil) and again the smell came back. So we are back on Similac Sensitive. Target has a generic of Similac which is a little cheaper and he had no issues with that. So my recommendation is to sign up for the free samples they will send you in the mail and try both then figure out which your baby's system likes best. Then go with a generic that corresponds with the brand.



answers from Dallas on

After starting with Similac with my oldest and it not "working" for us (Similac is generally more gassy then Enfamil) we switched to Enfamil and it was great for us. Just personal preference really.



answers from Washington DC on

I used Enfamil with both. While formula in general has a smell to it when prepared, the Enfamil wasn't as bothersome to me.



answers from Miami on

I had to supplement my third child with formula. I was given a sample of Enfamil and I stuck with it. My baby had no reactions to it whatsoever. I have also heard from other moms that Similac has caused their baby problems.


answers from St. Louis on

It depends on the child. We ended up with Gerber Good Start. My little cuz is on Similac because Enfamil caused him to be horribly sick. You may just have to try each one to see which one your child prefers. With that being said you can call each company and request samples and they will happily send them to you.



answers from Minneapolis on

Its funny my Son started off with Similac and then we switched him to Enfamil cause some one recommended it, and now my Daughter we started her off on Enfamil but switched her to Similac because the Wic program only provides that.. Neither one had issues with them, and really I dont see a difference between them aside the fact that Enfamil has Lipil in it, one thing I heard from other parents that their kids prefered Enfamil more due to it tasting better. My sisters child was sick on Enfamil and as soon as they switched her to Similac she was fine, so what I think is there is nothing wrong with either one of them its just how your child does on it :)



answers from Salt Lake City on

Walmart or Costco. I spoke with a few peditricians and they told me that all infant formula has to meet FDA standards for nutients contained in them. They said that they are all the same. Some kids do a little better on different brands so if walmart does not work try costco. Read the back of a can of similac or emfamil compared to walmart or costco brands and they are almost identical. They very slightly. My daughter did fine on walmart brand my son did fine on costco brand. Paying for the name is all your do when you buy emfamil of similac. MY daughter was breast fed 6 months my son was breast fed 3 months. Also costco diapers are ausome. They don't leek and are soft and inexpensive.



answers from Washington DC on

We used Enfamil with DD and she did great on it.
DS had some reflux and other issues, so we started on Similac, then to Enfamil, then back to Similac and a different formulation, then back to Enfamil when they found the beetle bits in the the time we got settled, he was a year old and onto whole milk. Either is fine and it just depends on the child. I am also SO glad to see that the anti-formula folks haven't jumped on this thread yet. If (when) they do, do not let them make you feel guilty in any way!!!


answers from Bloomington on

My boy's Ped. said it didn't matter between the 2. My 1st was given Similac at the hospital, so we stuck with that. With my 2nd, they gave him Enfamil. We switched to Similac when we got him home only because my first used it.
I don't really think it matters. Whatever works for your baby!

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