Switching to Powdered Formula

Updated on May 17, 2010
K.L. asks from Renton, WA
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My 6 week old was originally breastfed, and we have had to stop and slowly put him on formula (Enfamil). For a while he was on breastmilk and liquid formula, so that we could mix the two. But now we are trying to put him onto full powder formula. And he seems fussier and we are having a harder time getting him to sleep through the night after each feeding. Has anyone else had problems with this?

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answers from Las Vegas on

Two people mentioned the air bubbles but did not tell you the simple solution to that is to stir it not shake it. Air is significantly less. You can make it ahead but that leads to a lot of logistics if going out and then having to heat it up. Try stirring it. Some friends also just recently told me that Parent's Choice at Walmart is working great for their son. They did some research and found it was a good quality formula. Their son has much trouble with Enfamil! That had some given to them and couldn't use it. They had to go back to Parent's Choice.

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answers from Dallas on

He may be also missing the closeness of the nursing? Try cuddling with him a little more after the feeding, just a thought.



answers from Los Angeles on

It should be the transition. Also, you said your little one is six week old, he may be going through grow spurts, they will wake up more for night feeding.



answers from New York on

It may be the air bubbles from shaking? Dr. Brown's has this formula mixer that I really like. I can't remember exactly - but I think you can make upto 40oz at once. I used to do this when my first was in day care. Because I made it ahead of time the air bubbles were gone by the time he was drinking it.



answers from Los Angeles on

when you shack powdered formula it gets more bubbles in it hinting the fussiness and gas. try good start. that was what did the trick for my daughter who was taken of breast milk around the same time. if you dont want to switch burp every 2 oz and get gas drops



answers from Anchorage on

Sometimes the mixing/shaking adds air bubbles. Try Little Tummies infant drops. They are non-medicated so can be used at every feeding if need be. They do a great job of getting the air out of little tummies!



answers from Kansas City on

It could just be the transition. He's still so little and changing his diet in any little way could affect him. I would just keep giving him the powder and see if it eventually gets better. Also, it is safe to mix some gas drops into each bottle, that might help too. The powder is way cheaper, so I'd stick with it if possible. Also, something to consider if cost is an issue, is generic formula. I was hesitant to use it at first, but once I finally made the switch I realized I was being kinda silly. Generic costs half of the name brand and you'll have a lot of formula to buy in the the next 11 months!



answers from Seattle on

My kiddo could never take powdered formula. If he got hungry enough he'd eat it, and we'd all suffer the consequences (digestive problems, sleep problems, etc.).

I know it costs an arm and a leg.



answers from Eugene on

It could be the transition. My son had spitting up issues. If it's gas - another way to get the bubbles out is by taking your pointer and middle finger and rub along his spine. With his spine placed between the two fingers - no need to do very hard either. I don't know if it just relaxes them and they are able to get all of the gas, but I used to do this with my son and it worked every time. Good luck - sorry if I wasn't much help.



answers from Washington DC on

Why not keep him on liquid?

My first son hated powdered formula. He just would not drink it. So, we were forced to buy the liquid preparation. Yes, it was more expensive but we bought it in bulk at a warehouse club, used coupons etc. It was worth it. He slept better and was in general, much happier.

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