What Would This Illness Be?

Updated on April 23, 2011
N.M. asks from Council Bluffs, IA
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Any suggestions will help. I do plan on calling my doctor again today.

I have had a fever with chills and sweats off and on since Sunday. I did go see my general physician and he didn't see any bacterial infection. Since Monday my left back has been hurting (like a pulled muscle). Also when I use the bathroom the is a strong smell. I am not sure if it is my urine or the results of having a beautiful baby boy 4 weeks ago.

I believe that the back is from holding my son while breast feeding him. He is a heavy little guy and we don't have the best breast feeding relationship so I have to hold on to him very tightly.

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So What Happened?

Went to the doctor... come to find out I had a UTI but never had the burning.

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answers from Dallas on

After both my kiddos I ran fever and had massive sweating then chills at night/late evening and it felt like a cold/flu.
It was not. It was my body adjusting to not being preggers and eliminating the excess water (I retained a lot of water).
It let up about 6 weeks.
I believe you are right, the pulled muscle is from BF and sleeping weird (if at all - LOL).
Strong smell: drink, drink and drink some more. You are probably dehydrated from all the sweating and BF.

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answers from Washington DC on

If you are having documented fevers (with a thermometer, not just going with sweats and chills which can be common after a pregnancy), you need to be checked again for a UTI/kidney infection. Left untreated, they can be serious. The back pain, on and off fevers, urine odor are all indicative of a possible UTI or kidney infection.
Hope you feel better soon and congrats on your baby!

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answers from Norfolk on

Why aren't you seeing your ob/gyn for postpartum check ups?
I think your body is still adjusting to being not pregnant.
It's only been 4 weeks since you gave birth and it took 9 months to grow your son.
The fever might point to an infection (kidneys? although I'd be worried about how the uterus is healing up. At 4 weeks it's still contracting to get back to it's pre pregnancy size.)
Sweats on and off? I had that something awful from the hormone fluctuations after giving birth. It's like menopausal hot flashes until your hormones level out again.
With the breast feeding - you've got to work at keeping yourself hydrated.
The nurse at our pre- birth class said every time you are feeding the baby, you should be drinking water so your fluids are kept up.
A lactation consultant might be able to help with getting more relaxed while feeding.

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answers from Cleveland on

DId the doctor rule out UTI?

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answers from Washington DC on


CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby boy!!!

If you are having back pain - get a boppy pillow so you aren't using your arms and back to hold your child while breast feeding. it's a WONDERFUL pillow - there are several styles out there to chose from.

The sweats, smell, etc. - that is your body adjusting to life after the baby. I don't know if you had a C-Section or Vaginal birth - if you had a C-Section - you need to let your OB/GYN know you have had a fever. Could be an infection....I know my body did some weird things after the birth of my children.....talk to your Dr and let them know all of your signs. Hopefully - it's just hormonal adjustment (and yes, hormones "rushes" can cause fevers and sweats.)


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answers from Pittsburgh on

It sounds like it might be a UTI to me. Fever, chills, back pain are signs. Is it burning when you urinate?

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answers from Salt Lake City on

My first thought was kidney issues - make sure you rule out muscle strain for the back pain, but that's a strong indication.

It doesn't sound like mastitis to me. Every time I had mastitis, I was extremely ill within hours and my breast hurt like crazy, so if you've been sick since Sunday, it's probably not. But watch for signs of it anyway (soreness, hot to the touch, high fever).

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answers from Detroit on

I would second a kidney problem - infection or otherwise. I would always get pain with kidney stones on one side of my back because that is where each kidney lives. I would go back to the doctor and have them start with checking urine and bloodwork.

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answers from Detroit on

sounds like the flu. but it's better to go back to the doctor because self diagnois is worse then any illness or diasease.

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answers from Tampa on

For the back pain - get a boppy or nursing support pillow!! Also, don't forget there are many positions/holds you can do with your infant.

Fever with chills and sweating... any headache, lethargy or body pain?



answers from Milwaukee on

It could be your gallbladder. If your urine gets really dark or neon, you need to go to the ER because it means your liver has gotten infected with a stone. I am having my gallbladder removed this Friday after a trip to the ER revealed a glallbladder full of stones. Back pain was one of the most persistent symptoms. Gallstones are pretty common postpartum (I'm 10 weeks PP). Good luck and congrats on your new baby!



answers from Bismarck on

Could be kidney or bladder infection, I got bladder infection after each of my childrens' births



answers from Des Moines on

Go back to the doctor, but meanwhile, Drink, drink, drink., because it will help both your kidneys and your milk supply (and probably a gazillion other things) if you don't like water get Crystal light or Kool Aid or anything else that's caffiene free.

And if you haven't find your local La Leche League http://www.lllusa.org/web/Iowa.html , or other support group (most hospitals have breast feeding support groups, and welcome all mothers, not just the ones that delivered there) WIC also has peer counselors and support if you're on WIC



answers from Minneapolis on

I would call the doctor immediately. You could have a kidney infection.


answers from Dallas on

I think its just your body adjusting. You have been threw alot! Im right handed and my daighter had no part of laying down so I held her with my left while I did everything. You wouldn't believe how strong my left arm is now! Being in new and not so comfy positions can really put a toll on you. For the fever, maybe a bug? Hope you feel better



answers from Duluth on

mastitis maybe? are your breasts or one or the other breast sore?

i want to encourage you; breastfeeding is not easy! it takes at least 2 months to really get into a routine, and even then baby is still so small that you might feel really uneasy about it. it just takes some time and the long term benefits are worth the short term difficulties. :):) *HUG* you will get the hang of it just give yourself some time. :):) and thank you for breastfeeding! :)

just keep nursing. have you tried positioning pillows around you to help prop the baby up? how about nursing lying on your side? when i nursed my son i didnt nurse him lying down for a while, but when i did it left me wishing i had tried it sooner! it was so much easier on my back. it was excruciating for the first month or so. but as i kept on, and learned to do it lying down and stuff, it became MUCH easier. i nursed him while walking, sitting, standing, lying down, lol. everything. it was awesome. contact a local la leche league leader for more help. this is a common and normal part of nursing so im sure theres something she can do to help you, even if its volunteering to give you a back massage! :):)

anyway, talk to your doctor. the odor might be very likely due to your recently delivery. congratulations by the way! :) it might smell wierd on and off for a while. just make sure there are no other symptoms such as itching or wierd discharge or something (i know right, what is "wierd" when you are still discharging from labor! LOL)

anyway. keep in touch with your doctor.
BTW: there should be no reason that the doctor has to give you a drug that isnt compatible with breastfeeding. there is a book, medications and mothers milk, that you can get ahold of (again, contact the la leche league) to help you out, or just turn down any non-needed medication. :):) if its a virus or something, nothing is going to help, so turn down any medication for viruses.



answers from Gainesville on

Have you considered mastitis? Are your breasts tender or red at all?


answers from Dallas on

when i had my kids i have fever chills sweats off and on specially at night i think is the body and hormones adjusting i was like that for baout 2 months drink lots of cranberry juice that help you clean your urine track



answers from Minneapolis on

Okay, this is unrelated to the question, but you have your answer to that. As far as the breastfeeding challenges, go get yourself a Brest Friend nursing pillow! Its more expensive than a Boppy but totally worth it. It saved my breastfeeding relationship with my children. It has a padded back support that wraps around and buckles snugly. You can actually walk around nursing because it is so secure. It also has these subtle raised things on each side to raise baby's head, or your hand/wrist under baby's head. I assure you I have no vested interest whatsoever in the company, just passing along vital info. My son was big (and wanted to nurse constantly) and I have arthritis that affects my hands and wrists and this thing was awesome!

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