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17 Month Old with Eczema....

My 17 month old had a bath at grandma's house this morning and when she returned him to me he had an awful raised rash all over his arms legs and trunk. I have always known him to have very sensitive, dry, skin and after doing some research on the internet I am quite certain he has eczema. Does anyone have any advice on products or home remedies to help? Thank You!


Diaper Rash Remedies

Hey Moms, i need some help. i have a 1 yr old that has gotten his first...


Cradle Cap Question

Help! My newborn - 10 weeks old has cradle cap. I've been putting oil on...


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Excema and Poor Sleep Habits

Hello fellow mamas! I am going a little bit crazy with sleep deprivation. My daughter has excema and wakes up very frequently scratching herself, at least every 2 hours throught the night, if not more. She really resists sleeping at all, the only way I can get her to sleep, or back to sleep is nursing. I am committed to many of the ideals of attachment parenting, feeding on demand and co-sleeping among them. BUT, i am getting more and more tired and resentful. Because of the itching situation and because we have a small space, 1 br, i feel...


Help for Eczema??

My daughter is 2-yrs-old and has horrible eczema! We have tried everything...

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Rash Under the Armpit and Under arm..Help!!!

I have been working out for over a month now. I.have developed a bumpy rash in my armpit and under my biceps. I have tried vaseline, corn starch,hydrocord. Cream. The dermatologist face me hydrocos gel which has a steroid in it. I have used it for 3 days twice a day and i still am itchy and hurting.. any advice????_please. I'm in a weekend


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Help for Eczema??

My daughter is 2-yrs-old and has horrible eczema! We have tried everything from aquaphor to crisco...literally. The poor baby bites at her feet because they itch so badly. The creases of her arms flare up constantly, her legs are covered with spots of the rash, and her feet are so cracked from her itching. She breaks out everywhere except her face. What can I do? Topicals the doctor has prescribed haven't helped at all. I feel so sorry for her. Please help!!!


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Rash/dry Skin Patches Appearing on 7 Month Old

My 7 month old has what appears to be a rash or patches of dry skin on his back and some on his legs. I plan to take him in to the doctors but wondered if anyone else has experienced the same issues.