Baby Shower: Enfamil

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Enfamil Vs. Similac

I was wondering how important it is to keep your baby on the same formula or is it ok to switch. When my baby was born she wasn't able to nurse and my milk hadn't come in, so we supplemented her with Enfamil. Now I am able to provide her expressed breastmilk, but I know it won't last. So here I sit with many, many samples of Enfamil and Similac formula. I hate to give one brand away because it is so expensive so I was wondering if and when the time comes to give her formula, can I just use both?


Unhappy New Baby Help

This is not my baby but a friends. Mom needs ideas to get this little one to...

Registry & Gift Ideas

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What to Add/leave off Baby Registry?

Hi - I am wondering what items other Moms have put on their Baby Registry, and what items you would leave off? Obviously, leave off clothes, but is there anything you wished you had put on that you didn't, or vice versa? Also, when it comes to things like bottles, should I register for a "variety" pack of sorts? Or, should I research basically everything in advance before putting it on the list? I've started researching the bigger items, strollers, high chairs, diaper genie, etc. so I can put on the items that have the best features or have...