Baby Shower: Target

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Experiences at Target

I just had an awful experience at Target this past weekend. I was trying to return stuff I had gotten from my baby shower and spent an hour at the customer service desk trying to match gift reciepts with the items I was returning and then had over 10 items that I didn't have reciepts for that they would not let me return even for store credit!! I was told I could pick 2 (A YEAR) to get store credit for with my drivers license or I could exchange the items for like items of the exact same price from the same department! So bath stuff I...


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Need Help with Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

I am hosting a baby shower at my church for a first time mom to be. The room is very large and I would like to take just a section of the room and use it for the shower. I would like ideas on how to create the feeling of a smaller room. There are no partitions and I would like inexpensive ideas. I have 6 ft tables available and round tables. Since my childen are much older now, I would also like ideas from new moms on types of little, fun gifts to give that I could incorporate into the decorations.

Menu & Foods

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Baby Shower or Not????

I am prgnant for the third time around and I have absolutely nothing for baby. This was an unplanned pregnancy and the last child I had was five years ago, so I got rid of all of my baby stuff. My shower for my first was amazing and I got everything I wanted and more but my second shower was awful (it was thrown by my almost mother in law) and i didn't get anything that I registered for. I have a feeling nobody is going to want to throw me another one but I don't want hand me down I being selfish???


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Planning a Baby Shower

My sister in law is due in March. My mom and I want to throw her a baby shower since her mother is unwilling to do it. My question is: what cute games, snacks, decoration, event, etc... did you love from your shower or a shower that you've been to? Money is very tight for my brother and sister in law so we are trying to help out the best we can.


Baby Shower Planning

Hi Moms I am planning a baby shower for a great friend, I want to make it...

Registry & Gift Ideas

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Target Won't Take Back Baby Registry Gift.

Has anyone else had any problems with Target failing to exchange a baby registry gift because you did not have the gift receipt? I received two Close and Secure Sleepers and wanted to exchange one for store credit but they refuse because I don't have the gift receipt, even though the product barcode shows the items was theirs. I spoke with two store managers and I'm stumped at this, especially because most of the gifts I received didn't come with gift receipts.


Experiences at Target

I just had an awful experience at Target this past weekend. I was trying to...


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Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Hello ladies! I need to plan a baby shower for my sister and would like it to have a theme of some kind. She planned a nursery rhyme themed shower for me and it was adorable! Any ideas? She is having a girl, but I would like to stay away from the princess type themes! Thanks and God Bless!


Baby Shower Games

Ok, what is your all time favorite baby shower game. I am giving a shower in...