Need Baby Registry Advice!

Updated on July 14, 2008
M.G. asks from Farmington, UT
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I am just getting ready to create a baby registry for baby showers etc. and I don't know what to add to it! There are so many different products and so many brands to choose from. I would love any advice anyone can give me as far as what gifts they used or liked the most, (and what brands they prefer) that would be good to register for. Thanks!

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answers from Denver on

The video "The Happiest Baby on the Block" by Dr. Harvey Karp. Couldn't have made it with #2 without it. Plan to do it again with #3. Also, the book "On Becoming Babywise" by Gary Ezzo. I don't like everything he says, but I do swear by this one. You do want to read it before the baby comes and then keep it handy. Congratulations!



answers from Missoula on

The best thing in the world, that I must admit I thought would be a bit extravegant, was a diaper wipe warmer. I lived in florida at the time my youngest was born, but, it was still GREAT!! No more shocked little screams from a very cold wipe on a very warm little bottom! The only other thing that i couldn't live without (besides the normal essentials) were the little towels with the built in hoods for baby's wet little head! Good Luck!!

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answers from Denver on

I wish I had thought of asking someone before I registered!
Here is a list of things that we either didn't get or got too many of:
Register for:
Bath towels (3+)
Baby bath products (make sure the brand does not habe Thiylates (sp?)--Johnson's and Aveeno are culprits)
Socks (at least 3 packs)
Clothes 6mo+ (you'll get lots of 0-6mo.)
Happies Baby on the block book
Play gym
High Chair
Night Lights (I find they are nice for night time waking, so I don't have to turn on lights)
Baby Book
Photo Albums (plural)
Sleep Sacks (at least 3)
Fan (for ambient noise to help baby sleep)
Gift Cards!
Vibrating Teethers
Gripe Water
Sleep positioner
Bouncy Seat
Cart Cover
Boppy & Covers
Sun Glasses
Kidopotomus Travel Me Swaddler (We couldn't live without it)
Car Seat Cover
Safety Cotton Swabs
Swaddling blankets (they are like recieving blankets, but square so that it's easier to swaddle)
Digital ear thermometer
Nail clippers with magnifying glass
Breat Pump
Milk storage bags
Nursing shawl
Nipple cream (Mother's love (USDA Organic) is what I like---I hated lanolin (Synthetic))
Nursing bra gift cert. (Don't buy any euntil your milk comes in and you are not engorged anymore or else they'll likely be too big. Until that happens buy some sleeping nursing bra's that will feel a little snug.

We got too many:
Wash clothes
Onesies (short sleeve)
Recieving blankets

No no's: Baby Einstein DVD's (CD's are ok) Study's have found that watching TV before 2 can casue children to not be able to focus for long periods of time since the images flash so rapidly. Anything with thiylates (sp?), Baby oil, vaseline. **Rule** Don't put anything on your baby that you shouldn't put in your baby!

Things we got and didn't like:
Wipe warmer (The wipes dried out and sometimes scorched before we could use them eventhough we go the warmer that has water to keep them moist)
Bottle Warmer (We went top of the line, and the temperature was never reliable. We ended up just using the tea kettle and a bowl to warm a bottle.)
Milk Storage containers (They were nice until I realized I would rarely have 6 bags of milk in one place and they took up a lot of room)

Hope this helps!




answers from Denver on

Congrats on the upcoming baby! How excited you must be.
I would get a boppy pillow if you are going to breast feed, even if not they are great to help them when they are learning to sit up. The Graco Pack and Play was a lifesaver and I used it with both kids. The one that has the bassinett feature is awesome! I kept it in the living room for them to naps and when we travelled, then used it as a playpen in the living room so my kids could play safely while I made dinner and so on. The bouncy exersaucers are great too, so many to choose from nowdays. A highchair is essential too. Clothes are a huge thing too gather up and in all sizes not just newborn. You never know like I did that my son was a big boy and was out of newborn diapers and newborn onsies within a week of leaving the hospital! Onsies are great!
Swaddling blankets, baby wash clothes, baby towels with the hoods. Baby bathtubs that have the hammock type feature are wonderful, those with the drain plugs in the bottom help you a lot too to get the water out. I used the bath ring when they were old enough to sit up, you have to make sure it has good suction and still be right there but my kids loved sitting up in the bath.
The things that were a waste for us were the toys that they laid on the floor and looked up at, mobiles as they don't stay on long and only frustrate the baby not to mention worrying if they fall off on to the babies head. Then I never used the bigger baby swings, neither of my kids liked them. My son loved the smaller ones that are portable that you can put on the floor though.
Do not get baby bumpers as they are dangerous if the baby moves around a lot. They just actually put out a notice of the hazards of crib bumpers. My daugher got her head caught in that when she was about 7 mos old and it freaked me out.
Also get one of those back positioners, they keep them on their back until they are strong enough to flip themselves...whew! I had forgotten all the stuff we stocked up on!
You need an infant carrier at first then get the three and one carseat when the baby is one as it grows with them and saves you money.
Good luck and congrats!!!!



answers from Salt Lake City on

Burt's Bees baby lotion-the Johnson's brand seemed to sting my son's cheeks when they were dry because it has alcohol

Swaddle blanket (I had a 123 swaddle until he grew out of it and now I have a velcro swaddle by kidpotomus)and Happiest baby on the block DVD

Floor gym (fisher price rainforest)-my son has played in his every day for 3 months

Bathtub with newborn sling- I think mine was first years brand?

Also, FYI...registering at Target is not recommended. You have to have a receipt to return things and can only return 2 things per year without a receipt.



answers from Denver on

If you register at babies r us they have a handbook on what they suggest for the babies neccesities. From that point tou can pick out your desired patterns.You also need to keep in mind of your lifestyle as well as your living space and storage.Look them up online and you could also get the information you need. I helped my niece register online and it was really easy. Just go to the baby registry and you can create on online.



answers from Colorado Springs on

As many others have said, you'll probably get a lot of clothes (especially 0-6mo) so there's no need to register for that! Also, as hard as it might be, try not to buy too many smaller sized clothes. If you do register for clothes, register for sleepers and larger sizes. Sleepers are so much easier than the little pants and shirts. We also got a wipe warmer and returned it. Things I would say you need:
-2nd car seat base if you're using 2 cars
-car seat protector (especially if you have leather seats)
-A Fisher Price papasan swing. They have a few different styles. We LOVE ours! It swings in 2 directions and has little birds and butterflies that spin around at the top.
-If you're breastfeeding you'll want a good pump. I have the madela pump in style because I had to go back to work, but I also bought the harmony for traveling. Both work great and the harmony is only 25 or 35, I can't remember which.
-rather than registering for a bassinet like most people we got a Moses basket. It’s wonderful because you can take it around the house with you, on vacation, and to the sitter’s house. It's also usually less expensive.
-a few pairs of mittens
-swaddling blankets.
-If you plan on having your baby sleep with you at 1st you may want a co sleeper to keep them safe. They make some that go directly in your bed (best for king size beds) and others that attach to the side.
-DIAPERS!! You can't have too many (unless they get to small) register for a few different sizes. Also some wipes.
-2 diaper bags. 1 larger one and 1 smaller one.
-a nice bouncer that vibrates and has music. We have one made by boppy and my son seems to like it. You can only get it at babies r us online though.
-a pack and play. It has so many uses. A basinet, changing table, & play pen.
-Boppy's are nice for breastfeeding, but I usually end up using pillows.
-Baby photo album. We got a few baby books and they ask so many silly things and things that I didn't even remember because we didn't get them until the end of my pregnancy. If you just get a photo album with space to writ things you can put whatever you want in it.
-some toys they can actually play with while they are small like a cute soft wrist rattle.
-things like outlet covers and cabinet locks. Do NOT get the outlet covers that just stick into the outlet. Get the ones that have buttons on the sides that you have to push in the get them out. Kids can choke on the cheap ones that just push in.
-a wrap for you to wear for skin to skin bonding. Mine was Kango, you can get them online.
-don't be scared to register for things like cribs, mattress, highchair, stroller & car seat (travel systems are the best in my opinion), baby monitor, etc. You might get lucky! A lot of people go in together for these things or will just get you gift cards so that you can get them.
That seems like a lot so I'll stop there. If you have any questions you can send me a message. Congrats and best of luck to you!



answers from Boise on

I highly recommend two books -- The book that helped us the most as first time parents was "The Baby Book" by Dr. William Sears and his wife Martha Sears, R.N. I wish I had read parts of it before our baby was born, so I recommend you get it before baby arrives. Also, if you are going to breastfeed, I highly recommend "Nursing Your Baby" by Karen Pryor and Gail Pryor (mother and daughter). It is a must-read before you give birth and a terrific reference to have on hand.

Other than books, the baby products I love the most are Burt's Bees Baby Bee products (especially the baby wash and the lotion). I love to use them and give them as gifts, so definitely add them to your wish list. All the best to you and your baby! So glad to hear you will be a SAHM!



answers from Pocatello on

My advice is to think a bit ahead and register for a few thigs you will need a bit later on, like sippy cups, baby spoons, bowls and plates, a baby food mill/grinder, bibs, potty seat and stool, that sort of thing. I got a lot of stuff for when our son was 0-6 months, and past that point we had to go get a lot of stuff I hadn't thought about up until that point. Hope that helps!



answers from Boise on

The Symphony in Motion mobile is the best! It was the only one our daughter ever liked and we used it a lot until she was about 6 months. It's not a cute and matchy type of mobile, but it is bright, silly and interesting for baby.

We also like our fisher price healthy high chair that you can start using early because it reclines instead of the fancy wooden ones and our rainforest jumperoo. The Graco snugride is a comfy, inexpensive car seat and rated well in safety tests. Get a good stroller, not a really cheap one. You don't need things like wipe warmers.
Also, people tend to buy you clothes they like (because they are the most fun to shop for!) so it's not worth the time to register for them. We received mostly clothes and gift cards to help buy our bigger ticket items.
Oh, one more thing - a side to side cradle swing. We had to sell our front to back one and heard from lots of other parents that their baby only liked the side to side motion as well...



answers from Missoula on

The baby monitor I loved is the one with the tv where you can see the baby in your room. It helped out so much. When you think they are awake and want to run in but you look and they are just dreaming...I still use it for my 2 year old.
Butt paste for diaper rash...
Dr. Brown's bottles are great.. if you need a good swaddle blanket they can't get out of....check them out.
My little one loved the Jumperoo
A good thermometer comes in VERY handy.



answers from Boise on

I liked my Graco high chair the best. You can look for reviews online, or I went to Baby's R Us and they really helped me and showed me the features (on high chairs). They didn't even try to make me spend more than I had!
I had a bassinet, which I loved for the first few months. It's a family heirloom sort of thing, so we pass it around whenever anyone has a baby.
We've had two Evenflo strollers, and both of them ended up with bum wheels. They still worked for a long time, but finally, one wheel fell off our first stroller while we were walking to church. Not fun! I managed to fix it, but it was never quite right.
You'll want a bathtub that sits on the countertop, if you can. Mine folds up and fits under the sink.
You'll want 2-3 crib sheets. I never really used bumpers because they look pretty at first, but never stayed up! I love crib skirts, though.
I LOVE my contoured changing pad. With 2-3 covers that coordinate with your nursery.
I think they're called lap pads, but we call them puddle pads. I put them on top of the changing pad cover. They soak up pee but don't let it go through, and poop inevitably gets on it. So I just toss it into the wash instead of the entire changing pad cover.
I think swings are essential. We loved the Aquarium travel swing the best. My babies have just loved it! I bought mine at Other Mother's. We have had 3 other swings, but they just weren't as big of a hit.
Register for diapers! You'll need more than you think you will. By the way, I've used the expensive diapers, and they're really nice. But not at all necessary. We've used Parent's Choice almost exclusively for our two kids and they're great.
An indispensable toy is a MegaSaucer or something similar. My boys sat in it, rocked in it, pulled up on it while outside it, crawled through was awesome!
I bought a diaper bag and used it, but I didn't like it nearly as well as the ones the hospital gave me. I've worn out 4 of them in the past four years, and just bought one at a yard sale. That's how much I like them! The one I bought was HUGE and baby-looking, and got filthy. The free ones are black, just the right size, and wipeable.
Burp cloths were totally useless for my kids. The spit up just rolled off the burp cloth and down our backs. We needed heavy-duty absorbent cloths. Get cloth diapers! They catch most of it and keep you clean.
Skip the diaper disposal systems. The refills are expensive, and people say they still stink. I've always just used WalMart bags. I fill them up with wet diapers, and when I get a poopy one, I tie the handles together. It really keeps the odor in, just in case I forget to take it out to the garbage can right away.
Hope that helps!


answers from Pocatello on

My advise is to go and register for everything you like because it doesn't hurt to put it on the list and you never know what people will buy you. But I would say that some of my favorite things i got was a bouncer seat. (The ones that vibrate are the best) a sleep positioner which holds your baby tightly in place while they sleep so they sleep better and longer because they feel like they are being held. And a sound machine. i got mine from JCPenny. At first your baby will sleep through anything but as they get older the slightest sound will wake them up. The sound machine sounds just like moving air and it really blocks out any noise. I couldn't believe the difference it made when i got that.



answers from Denver on


I have some suggestions on my website that mught be helpful. You really don't need that much, the simpler, the better.

If you would like more information about my suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Congratulaions on your pregnancy!
H. Gaitten "saving money" tab



answers from Denver on


Congrats on the baby! How exciting! I will tell you just a few ideas that I don't really see mentioned below...

One thing we had two of that I loved was a sleep positioner. It keeps baby snug and slightly elevated which keeps them in place and makes them feel "hugged" while they are sleeping. We had one in the bassinet and one in our TV room in case our baby fell asleep and I could put her down for a moment.

I have to disagree with the Baby Einstein DVD's - of course our daughter didn't watch one until about 3 months old, but she loved them. They are visually stimulating and the music is wonderful. I read the same study that the other post spoke about, and my daughter is extremely verbal for a 21 month old - most people think she is far older. She sits for long periods of time and looks at books, puzzles, etc. I don't thing having them watch a Baby Einstein video does any harm every once in a while.

I also LOVED the floor gym we had. Whatever one you pick, you'll be so happy and so will baby. Once baby is about 2-3 months old, they will love laying there and watching what's going on above them. Before I knew it, my daughter was trying to reach for the hanging toys and trying to kick them too. It takes a while, but we'd have a lot of fun on the floor gym. Great for tummy time too, especially as they are younger.

I also loved my Snap-n-go stroller. The infant bucket snapped right into it and it was super simple (basically a frame stroller and a storage compartment. They are great to use for the time when your little one is in that infant seat. SO easy to travel with too - took a few flights to see family, and it was easy and lightweight to take along. They're about $45 and you can get them at Babies R Us or even Target. Worth every penny! We didn't get a "regular" stroller until my daughter was about 9 months old.

Another item I used a lot was my Baby Bjorn (or whatever infant carrier you choose) - once she was a little bigger, I was able to have my hands free and could do more while still having baby close to me. It made grocery shopping easier too because I didn't have to have the infant bucket in the stroller taking up so much room that could be filled with food!

I would register for the disinfecting bags that clean the breast pump parts and nipples, etc. in the microwave. It's so easy, and they are completely sterilized. I had a Medela pump-n-style (which I loved), and the bags are also made by them - I am sure other companies also make them... Whether you choose to nurse or bottle feed, you can also use them to sterilize bottle parts and pacifiers.

I loved the Avent pacifiers that are clear - my daughter preferred them, and I liked them because I could still see her face when she was using one. :) They are made for certain ages (0-3months), (6-9months), etc. Grab some pacifier clips as well - when they first start to use a pacifier, they just spit it out and it falls all over the place. The clip will keep the pacifiers from falling on the floor, and you stay more sane!

OxyClean spray is great for stained clothes (diapers that leak, formula, breastmilk, whatever). My daughter never had trouble (skin irritation, etc,.) using it and then washing in a gentle laundry soap. Saved a lot of my favorite outfits for her!

The Safety First window shades are great in our car - we have them on both sides of the car to keep sun from her face as we're driving. There are many kinds you can get, we just preferred the Safety First Brand - there were wide ones and skinnier ones to accommodate your vehicle window size.

The last thing I would be sure to have is a digital camera which also takes video. If you have it near you pretty much all the time, you will get some very amazing photos. We were sure to take video of her first bath at home, and just BOTH of us holding her. I found that I was the one to take most of the pics, and my husband was in a lot of them and I was in very few. Encourage him to take photos of you and baby as well. Wish I had more. They are easy to download and you can always delete ones that aren't as great. Family and friends also love to have pictures sent. We also have a video camera, but I would have to get it out, be sure it was charged, etc. The one on our digital camera made it so much easier! Now that she is bigger, we use the video camera a little bit more.

Hope these ideas help you too. Online there are good lists you can find, but I know hearing "what works" for other moms can be very helpful!



answers from Denver on

I thought it was really nice to get a lot of the little things like wash cloths, and crib sheets. A bouncy seat that vibrates is great because you can easily move it around the house. Fisher price makes a fish like mobile, it goes on the side of the crib and plays music. All my kids loved it. We also had the mobile that plays symphony music and has lots of bright colored animals (can't think of the brand) It is nice because it easily comes on and off. I only used that during the day because I thought it was a little much when they were trying to go to sleep. I think Fisher Price also makes a swing that has lights and fish. It can swing both ways (My son literally slept in that his first 4 months of life)The best and greatest thing you should have on your list are these blankest called swaddlers. They have vel-cro, so you can wrap them tight just like they do in the hospital and they don't come undone. You can get light ones for the summer and heavy ones for Winter. These are awesome for their first couple of months. My daughter was colicky and it as a nightmare. The next two we had these swaddlers and they loved them. i think if we had these with first it would have eased the colick. I think these are so great that i give them as a gift for every baby shower! Also go look at Babies R Us and try the strollers and swings out. Don't be afraid to put expensive things on your list because some people will go in together on a list. I also have to say we used the Dr. Browns bottles, and I think they are great. I gave them to my sister in law (with new nipples:)) and she loves them too. I hope this helps. I know there is a lot out there, and there are things you will really think you will use and then won't. I used the baby bjorn like two times--and other people swear by it. You just never know. Enjoy every second of registering and being pregnant, because it is such a fun time. Best of luck



answers from Billings on

Did anyone mention an Excersaucer? We used that thing forever! Both my kids used ours A LOT and it still looks brand won't need it until the baby is about 4 months, but it is a must have in my book. There are many brands/styles to look at--check out the selection at Target or Babies 'R' Us.
Also, a SWING and a BOUNCY SEAT are vital! Again, check the selection, but the swing we had was called the Lovin' Hug by Graco (I think?) anyway, the seat was all fabric and very comfy for my baby.



answers from Colorado Springs on

My baby's almost 3 months old and here are a few things that I have found most useful so far:

SLEEPSACK: Eventhough you are having a summer baby, you will want this once the cooler weather hits. Its a safe way to keep baby warm and is easy to put on. my little one uses it every night!

PLAY GYM: At 11 weeks, my son started playing with his toys and I have found this to be the most useful. He can lay on his back and reach for and grab the toys. Sometimes he'll lay there for an hour or more and play, before falling asleep! The one I have is the Gymini Super Deluxe Light and Music (Babies R US), which has plenty of toys for tummytime too.

SLEEP POSITIONER: This was probably more for mommy than baby, just because it gave me peace of mind about SIDS.

MONITOR: The one I have is the Fisher-Price Dual Sounds N Lights Monitor (Babies R US). I think it's great, eventhough its one of the cheapest ones you can get. This is because it has only 2 channels. So, if you live in an area where you might get a lot of interference (like if your neighbors also have babies) you might want one with more channels. The one I have will light up when sound is detected, which is nice if you are doing something noisy, like watching TV or showering.

HEAD SUPPORT: My carseat came with one but it wasn't very good. I registered for the Velboa Snuzzler (babies R Us) which gives head and body support and is super soft and cozy.

DIAPERS: At least register for some NB and size 1 diapers... the last thing you want to do when you have your baby is have to stop on the way home from the hospital to buy them! I loved the Pampers Swaddlers for my newborn. They seemed to fit a tiny new baby better than Huggies did. (mine was born 6 lbs, 12 oz)And, Pampers are much softer than Huggies.

BOUNCY SEAT: We keep ours in the bathroom and I put the baby in it while I shower. That way I can still hear him and I know he's okay. I've been doing this since he was just a few weeks old and he's done great!

HEALTH AND GROOMING KIT: I have the American Red Cross 17-pc. Health and Grooming Kit (Target) and it has everything I need from a hairbrush to a thermometer.

MOBILE: I didn't realize how much my little one would like to stare at his mobile! I just got the one that matched his bedding set but I wish I would've invested in a more expensive one. Mine is just wind up, which is annoying because I have to go in the nursery and rewind it. I would suggest you splurge on something battery operated, like the Symphony-in-Motion Mobile (babies R Us).

PLAYARD: If you have a 2 story home, this is especially helpful. I have mine set up all the time in my family room. It has a changing table built in so we don't have to go upstairs everytime we need to change a diaper. Its really nice for the first couple of months when your baby is sleeping a lot too, because you can have him/her in the same room as you... so you can stare at and marvel over how amazing your baby is!!!

GLIDER: You will want a glider or some sort of comfy chair for Baby's room. It is sooo helpful for the late night feedings! I didn't spend a lot on mine and I love it. It is the Storkcraft Glider and Ottoman (

PUMP: If you are planning on breastfeeding I would suggest this. Eventhough you are going to be a SAHM you'll want to at least get a manual pump. I am a SAHM and I registered for an expensive electric one. I'm glad I didn't get it because since I am with my baby so much I don't need to pump very often. If nothing else, you will want to have it on hand for when your milk comes in because you may become engorged. I also feed my baby a bottle every few days so he is accostomed to it for when we leave him with grandma.

There are also some things I WOULDN'T register for:

WIPE WARMER: I registered for this and didn't get it... and am glad I didn't. My baby doesn't care if his wipes are room temperature. I say unless you find that your baby is fussy at changing time, you don't need it.

BLANKETS: Unless its something you want for your nursery decor, don't register for blankets because you will get enough from your showers!

CLOTHES: You will get sooooo many clothes. You don't need to register for them!

BOTTLE WARMER: Unless you are going to be bottle feeding your baby, I would say you don't need it. I have found it's faster to just put a bottle in a mug of hot water than to wait for a bottle warmer to heat up.

BOPPY: A regular pillow works just as well. If you breatfeed you don't want to rely on a pillow to support a newborn anyway because it can cause you to slouch. It's better to hold your baby to the breast instead.

I know I wrote ALOT but I hope it helps you out!

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