Baby Shower: Toddler

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Cake & Goodies

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Baby Shower Cake

I am looking for a cute cake for my sister's baby shower. I am on a pretty small budget but do not want it to look like it!! Anyone have any suggestions on where to look?


Baby Shower Goodies

Hi Moms! I need some ideas for little goodies at a baby shower. I want...


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Need Help with Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

I am hosting a baby shower at my church for a first time mom to be. The room is very large and I would like to take just a section of the room and use it for the shower. I would like ideas on how to create the feeling of a smaller room. There are no partitions and I would like inexpensive ideas. I have 6 ft tables available and round tables. Since my childen are much older now, I would also like ideas from new moms on types of little, fun gifts to give that I could incorporate into the decorations.


Baby Shower or Not

My brother and sister-in-law are having their first baby next year. I and a...

Games & Activities

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Games or No Games?

I am helping throw a baby shower this weekend, and several people have commented how they hope there are no games. Are games a thing of the past? Anyone like to play them?


Baby Shower Games

I'm hosting a baby shower soon. I've never hosted one before. Please share...

Goody Bags

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Birthday Party Goodie Bags

Is it just me or have these birthday party goodie bags taken the spotlight off the birthday kid and caused our children to expect to GET something all the time-even when it's not their birthday?? When I was a child I had to learn how to GIVE to others and not expect something everywhere I went. A birthday is the one time of the year that is the child's own special day. And when I was a kid I got excited about the cake and going to the party itself-not what I was going to receive at another's birthday party! The other gift-giving holidays...


Baby Shower Favors

I am looking for some good ideas for baby shower favors. I am supposed to be...


K Baby Shower Favors

Hi ladies. I am having a baby shower at a restaurant for my daughter in law...

Menu & Foods

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Baby Shower Planning

Hi Moms I am planning a baby shower for a great friend, I want to make it very special for her, so I would like to hear any of your great ideas to help me with the planning and some good and useful gift ideas.

Registry & Gift Ideas

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Birthday Party Invite with a Wish List

Do you find it kacky to include a wish list for a kids birthday party? Not something i have done but what i have received. Although i see the persons point of view but do people really do this a lot?

Thank Yous

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Personalized Baby Shower Thank You Notes

Our first baby is due in February and our baby shower is in December, for which I'm ordering thank you notes. Is it good etiquette to have our baby's name personalized on the thank you note before she arrives? We are set on the name and will not change it, but I wonder if it is strange to send out personalized or monogrammed baby thank you notes prior to her birth?


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Baby Shower Themes? Help!!

Hi Moms! I am giving a shower for my cousin, and i cannot come up with a good theme. Does anyone have any ideas? I want it to be girly, she is having a girl. Please let me know!! Thanks Moms!