Throwing Baby Shower for Friend

Updated on March 25, 2009
A.F. asks from Salem, OR
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Hi there,

My friend is now about six mos. prego with her son and I am throwing her a surprise baby shower. Will you please write me your suggestions about where a baby shower should be held.

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answers from Seattle on

Hi, A.--- the trick ( about being in a happy marriage- ) is you only get to choose BEFORE the wedding- after that--- make that lemonade - lololol- and I feel that way about having children -- yes it IS a lot of hard work- which we all knew it would be --- but so much fun--- lolo


( the baby shower??? --- a fun place is if someone lives in an apt. development or condo where there is a cabana--- right size- all the appliaces- and you can deoorate the way you want - plus ususally free or nearly--)

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answers from Seattle on

My husband actually found this website for me and it is very very helpful.

There are things that you will need to consider before figuring out where to host the shower like how many guests will be attending, are you playing any games that require some room, parking for the guests and etc.

You can reserve a banquet room at a restaurant, but if you want a more intimate setting you can host it at someone's house (if not your own). Parks are good too if the weather permits it. Are you the only one hosting or are you co-hosting? It can be overwhelming if you're hosting by yourself, but it CAN be done! Check out that website and I promise you, you will get some great ideas and start feeling more confident about it.

Good luck!

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answers from Eugene on

Pizza parlor is a great way to entertain everyone especially when the guests bring their children with them. Of course you can have it at someone's home. Depending on how many people ther are going to be going. If you go to church or the mommy-to-be goes to a church or you know someone who goes to one - you could have it in the room where they have the kitchen and a room next to it.

I had two showers - I had a small family one and then a work and friends shower - my work and friends shower was held at a banquet room at Elmer's/Shilo Inn in Springfield. I had quite a few people there so the room was just right.

Or you could potentially have it at a park too - have a picinic style shower...depending on what time of year of course. Good luck - I hope you find the perfect place.

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answers from Portland on

Someplace that she would love. If sunny, Mt Tabor & Laurelhurst Park are nice. A best friends house would be good too.



answers from Yakima on

Depending on when you are going to have it and where you live, have it outside. My friend had one for me in her sisters backyard. It was May and everything is blooming. It was beautiful. Just be sure to have a back-up plan in case it rains!!



answers from Seattle on

I threw a shower fro my friend. I had the same problem, we ended up having it at my place. It was crowded, but worked out ok. Maybe if you attend a church you could do it there or if there is another friend or family member that has a big enough room at there house.
Good luck.

P.S. The way I got her to the shower without spoiling the surprise was asking her to come over for a play date, this day, this time. :)



answers from Portland on

You can have the shower almost anywhere that you can think of. A suggestion is the zoo if the mother to be is interested in animals. They have a private party room. You could come up with other ideas if you consider the mother-to-be's and friends interests.



answers from Portland on

There is a great local coffee shop downtown called Manhattan Cafe, I think it would be a great place for a baby shower. You just might want to call ahead.



answers from Seattle on

I think a nice little coffee shop would be fun.

Hopefully dear,regarding marriage ,your still just as happy years from now!!



answers from Richland on

One I went to was at the lady's house, another was at a restuarant.
They reserved the back room for us and served appetizers. We brought the cake over early and decorated about an hour before the party. That was fun - you just have to watch the cost of the appetizers!

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