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Updated on October 07, 2010
K.M. asks from Arlington Heights, IL
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Hi all! My college roommate's wedding shower is out of town and is next weekend (Oct 17). I'm at a loss as what to get for shower favors! I need something for about 20-25 ladies w/varying age groups. I thought I'd check w/all of you before doing a general web search - you all usually have some great ideas and tips. I'm not very crafty so probably making something is out of the question...:) Thanks in advance for your suggestions!!


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So What Happened?

Thanks for your wonderful suggestions/ideas! I love the choc. ideas which would have been perfect except for my 4 hour drive..w/the crazy fall weather I'd worry about them becoming a melted mess! Next time. I ended up purchasing items @ Bath &Body Works. They have a great sale right now. Thanks again-you ladies are terrific! :-)

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We used these favors for my shower and they were very nice and edible too so they don't go to waste. You can personalize them with her name and they can rush order them to you by next week.

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Individually wrapped cake pops. Check out for inspiration. They are EASY to make and delicious to boot. I think it would be perfect and different from the normal candles etc. that people usually do as favors. I just did these for my daughters 2nd birthday and they are a hit with the adults every time.

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I just threw a wedding shower for my sister and we did a cookie bar. We asked about 11 people to make home-made cookies (made sure each person did a different kind) and provided a cute box with a picture of the couple. As folks were heading out they filled their box with cookies and everyone liked it. Plus, you get to divvy out the work of baking the cookies to someone else and aunts, cousins, etc feel included.

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For my shower, my aunt got a bunch of small bottles with cork stoppers and filled them with scented bath salts, then attached a little metal tag that said "Thank You" with a ribbon in my wedding color. She ordered the bottles, but you could probably find them in a craft store, or even the dollar store might have something like that.


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Custom cookies, fun packages of cocktail napkins, cute hand towels..



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Everybody loves candles, You can have a very nice label made to place on the glass jar. Then place it inside a baggy or a sheer wedding bags you can find in Michaels.
2) I went to a shower that gave out seeds. They came in real cute packages with a appropritae poem with directions to plant. Also seen a small bulb to plant.
3) If you want something a bit more out there, you can try edible underwear, lotions, etc. I got some of those too at a shower. It fit the theme of the party since it was THAT kind of party. It brought some laughs.

Try to get something that goes with they thym, season or color.
Good luck.



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picture frames or glass coasters that a picture can fit into are pretty nice.



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At the last shower I was at we got the Bath and Body Works lotion, that was nice, also candles and one also was a cookie with a matching cookie cutter.



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Fancy pen and pad of paper (that's what I'm doing for my sister's shower in November)

A neighbor just was at a baby shower where they gave out heart shaped tape measures (small ones to fit in your purse) and the host simply put a sticker on the outside that said "Congrats XXXX!" I haven't seen that one done before!



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Everybody does not love candles. I am sorry I hate the fact that I get a ton of candles every year that I end up bringing into work in a basket and trying to pawn off on other people because I feel bad throwing them away, but I have 2 young kids and I do not use candles in my house.

I have thrown a number of baby and wedding showers in the past few years and I have started to use the same favors everytime because I get such a great response from people. I should preface this by saying that I work at Alberto Culver, who makes shampoos and lotions. I get sample size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body washes, and face scrubs. I try to choose varieties without very strong scents as people seem to prefer this. Everyone gets three items. I go to the fabric store and I purchase (generally clearance) fabric that goes with the theme for the shower and bulk ribbon that matches the fabric (I have also used natural twine from the garden center once for a picnic themed shower). I cut the fabric into squares big enough to go around the 3 bottle and tie it up with the string. I like to leave the tops of the bottles showing so that people can choose what they want, and trade if they so desire.

Good Luck.



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I was going to suggest something similar to Lee. BBW has $1 lotions from time to time like right now with the release of a new scent. While shopping there the other day the clerk told me about someone who'd purchased 25 as party favors. If you wanted something bigger you could pair them with a sanitzer and stop at the dollar store and pick up emery boards or related items to pair in little bags with a ribbon. I think more often now, people are happier with items that are useful.

Another idea is going to a local confectionary that sells chocolates or lolllipops shaped like wedding items.


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What we did was got white plastic spoons, (the heavier fancy spoons, not the dollar store specials LOL) hershey kisses, and tulle and ribbon. Put 3 hershey kisses on the spoon, wrap them in white tulle and put the wedding color ribbon on them. Then attached a card that said "a spoonfull of kisses from the future mr. and mrs." And on the back put our names and date on it. Everyone loved it. C. might be pretty gross but we still have ours after 7 years. It's simple and inexpensive and makes for a great favor. Good Luck!!!



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everyone always loves lotions and potions, try bath and body works



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I loved going to Pier1- they have a section of small gifts, ie-lipstick holders,(imported from India) for a mere .99!Votive candles that are fall scented, cool rings to wear for parties etc. Small vases, that can be filled w/feathers or flowers! Coffee cups that you can fill w/fall candy- Small pic frames, with indiviual thank u's !! All of theses can be found in the wedding colors!! Have fun and remember, it's the thought and love that counts!!!


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You could give a variety of the $1 hand sanitizers from Bath and body Works. You could go as simple as just putting ribbons around the bottles in the wedding party color(s). If you want to do a little more, you could do a custom label for the bottle, or make a little gift tag, use decorative scissors to cut the edges, and print the couples name and wedding date on it, or some other appropriate message, and tie it on with the ribbons. I don't know anyone who wouldn't enjoy getting something like a hand sanitizer that they'll probably actually use, unlike many of the typical shower favors, that get tossed in the garbage as soon as people get home. Plus, Bath and Body works is everywhere, so you wouldn't have to order anything, since this is next week.

I know I'd like that favor!

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