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Updated on March 24, 2010
K.C. asks from South Elgin, IL
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Hello Moms,

My sister-in-law and I are throwing a baby shower for our other sister-in-law. This is her second child but the kids will be 14 years apart. Little different circumstances as well. First was farilly young in college, not with the father anymore, whereas now she is with someone and planned to have a baby. Anyway we are throwing a full blown shower not just a sprinkle since she has NOTHING from 14 years ago. I was wondering if anyone has any creative wording for the shower invitations, something about even though this is her second there is a huge span in age. Something that gets it across why we are having an actual shower. Any suggestions will help. Thanks in advance!

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answers from Kansas City on

How exciting! I have about a ten yr spread between what is now the middle child and "baby" I'm with the other moms...noone will be second guessing WHY she is having a baby shower.Anyone who will be invited knows her well enough to know this anyway, Right? (or maybe I am unfamiliar with the situation.)

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answers from Minneapolis on

A.) I think a full blown shower for any new baby is a great idea. Wish my family had thought it was OK to celebrate the pending birth of my second. *sigh*

B.) Any sensible mother would know that anything received 14 years ago was long gone, too old to reuse, etc.

C.) If all else fails, directing guests to her registry will give them a pretty darn good idea about the things she needs to help her take this dive all over again.

D.) Or maybe wording like, "It's a baby shower....And baby, it sure has been a loooong time since it last rained."

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answers from Cleveland on

I don't think there is any need to word the invitation differently at all. With a 14 yr span in age, any one who knows her will probably think nothing of it, and second this is her and her husband/boyfriends first child together. My self I have a 15 yr. old from a previous relationship and an almost 2 yr old with my husband. When my family threw us a shower, no one batted an eye. And they SHOULDN"T. If people have any kind of issue supporting and celebrating this very happy time for them they can simply keep their opinions to themselves and not attend. I would fill out those invitations just as if this her first shower, and don't worry about it! And have fun!



answers from Chicago on

Same situation for my cousin. We didn't use any special wording for the invite. I am sure all the people she is inviting (close friends and family) will already know what is going on.



answers from San Francisco on

I think you should not worry about the wording of the invitation. After 14 years wouldn't most people figure that she needs new baby stuff?
You may want to try an online invitation seller for wording ideas. I've used and there are others I can't think of right now.



answers from Dallas on

I do not think you should worry about the wording. This shower needs to be as special if not more than the first. Speaking from experience - I am pregnant now and this will be my second baby - my son is 6 years old (Not as big as a span in age but still big enough) I have absolutely NOTHING from my first son - Plus I am married now to a wonderful man that has taken my son who is 6 as his own as well - Trust me - nobody will even expect for it to be anything less than a full blown shower! Have fun planning!!! Go all out! She deserves it!



answers from Atlanta on

Perhaps make it humorous. Beth and Bob really wanted to give their teen aged daughter something to complain about so they are having another one. They thought they were done with diapers, but surprise!



answers from Nashville on

I personally think every baby should get a shower or party of some kind so I wouldn't worry too much about what people think. Most people these days don't mind either, unless they are older (like aunts and grandmas might tend to think it is tacky). And of course after 14 years you need new stuff. I wouldn't bother trying to justify it. But I have to say I love the creativity of Kaye's answer D.



answers from St. Cloud on

Hi K.! I agree with those who say to not worry about the wording. If people are going to gripe about her having a shower for a second baby 14 years later, than those people have serious issues that even clever wording can't appease.
Go all out and have a blast! :)



answers from Kansas City on

Hi K.,
I am sorry I don't have any clever ideas for a second time around shower but...I think most people are ok with a second shower. It is more common today than it used to be. My friends had a second baby shower for me because we had a girl the first time and then a boy the second time. In our circle of friends we seem to be shower happy though! With a span of 14 years between children, I think it is totally ok to be throwing another shower and for you to just use the traditional invitations.
Good luck and have fun!

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