Planning a Baby Shower!

Updated on November 25, 2009
C.B. asks from Aurora, CO
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I am going to be planning my baby shower! I need some advise! I will be having a small shower! I have no family here, and just a few friends! Anyone out there plan their own shower? Anyone know of a good place to get decorations and favors? Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this!

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So What Happened?

We decided to let the family just by something if they wanted after our second daughter was born!

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answers from Denver on

i have two babies, i had two showers, and i plan to have another shower here in a few months.

the first was girls only, second time around was a bbq and coed, this time will probably be the same.

there are absolutely no rules when it comes to your pregnancy happiness... its all about you. i have thrown a few showers in my day, if you need anything at all let me know, i would be happy to help you.

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answers from Denver on

Hi C.. Let me start by saying thank-goodness you dont have to follow any rules on having a baby shower!!!!How wonderful you can throw your own! With that being said you are being blessed with another baby what a sweet time for you and your loved ones. I am also from the old school I am 47 and I had a baby shower for both of my beautiful daughters my oldest 27 years old my baby girl is 5. I threw my oldest her first one for my granddaughter and we had another for her when she blessed us with our grandson. she actually had 4 between her three kids (we love a party) and so should you!!!Have a great time enjoy enjoy we dont have to live by what is Proper who decides what is proper? its what you want you are the mommy you will be glad you had a party to celebrate your baby coming. Love In Christ Vickie

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answers from Denver on

There's a party city closer to you than that. There is one right here by be at Iliff and Havana so you'd be going about ten minutes from home. There is also a dollar tree a few minutes away down Parker from Iliff if you were to go toward the highway. I could totally go with you if you needed me to. I'd offer to do it for you, but I have no money what so ever. I'm sorry! But I can help with any planning you need. Message me if you need to.

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answers from San Antonio on

Hi C.,
I've had 2 kids (and two baby showers), plus hosted a few.

DECORATIONS: I bought my decorations at the Dollar Tree. They have a pretty good selection of paper plates, napkins, streamers, balloons, ect and they have great prices.

FOOD: I've hosted a baby shower potluck style and had each guest bring a favorite dish and we ate lunch and opened gifts. I've also done the food myself, and just had cake, punch, and easy snacks. Both ideas turned out great.

GAMES: If you just have a few friends, you may want to skip the games and just chat. I've had a large baby shower, so we played games so people could mix. The most fun game I've done at a shower was a variation on musical chairs. We turned on music and passed a doll around. When the music stopped, whoever was holding the doll was out of the game.

Good luck and have a great shower!


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answers from Denver on

There is a party store by Park Meadows Mall (over by Bed, BAth, and Beyond/Old Navy) I think it's called Party City. Anyway, that's where I got my decorations.




answers from Denver on

I haven't ever heard of anyone giving their own shower. I guess that I am a little "old school"! With that said, I think that you should really only have a shower for your first baby because you don't have anything. Presumably, when your second comes along, you already have all the big baby items that you need left over from your first baby. I have been to a few second showers for moms expecting a baby of the opposite sex from the first, but they were pretty small and low key.



answers from Denver on

I have not heard of anyone throwing their own shower. It can look greedy. Usually a friend does it for you, perhaps with some input about what you'd like. Also, people I know usually do not have a shower for the second baby, since you should have most of what you need already. People I know who did have a second shower had many years between the babies or knew they were having a baby the opposite sex. Lots of people these days have a "meet and greet" party after the baby is born, which is an opportunity for your friends to give you gifts for the correct gender of baby.



answers from Portland on

Hi C.,

I'm all about celebrating each child's birth and these days Baby Sprinkles which are given to moms who already have child number one deserve a special celebration. It doesn't have to be small either. It should be about the love and coming together in bringing you what you need.

I had to say I was stopped in my tracks by a post I saw that said it's okay to throw your own shower and that anything goes these days. Well, I'm sure anything goes these days is true; however, it really would be in poor taste. Thank goodness I read the remaining responses.

It isn't good form to throw yourself a baby shower, because it can only look like what it really is -- a solicitation for material goods, a/k/a trolling for bling. That's why shower etiquette provides for another party to be in charge of hostessing the event. The hostess will also spring for refreshments, decorations and favors. The idea behind a shower, no matter what the design theme, is to involve a community of friends and family in a celebration with a goal -- getting Mom-to-Be outfitted with all the gear needed to care for her baby.
(to read more

It only takes a few friends to come together and celebrate. There are also virtual showers these days, too. On DivaDarlings.NET which is a social network geared for baby shower hostesses, there are chats and fun ideas floating all around.

I hope that if you have another opportunity to have a baby sprinkle, that you'll drop a hint to your friends that you're up for a celebration. A spa day could be nice! Let it be about YOU!!


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