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Can I Give Liquid Albuterol and Benedryl to My 2Month Old?

Obviously, I'd call her doctor if was around or a pharmacist but they're all closed. My daughter was prescribed liquid albuterol for her cough on Friday but its not doing anything for her head congestion and the cough is still around also. I gave her dose of albuterol at 420 I was gonna skip the next dose and give her the benedryl instead. Her doctor did tell me give it to her as needed. Just curious if they have interactions or how I could find out if they are ok to mix for a infant. Thanks!

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Baby with

my baby is between medical insurances, and I have no money to take him to a dr... he is congsted, and missirible. he is 11 weeks old, and weighs 12 lbs. does anyone have any suggestions of what I can give him? all the meds that say infant are for 2years and older (who in the world thinks of a 2 year old as an infant????) tried the saline, not helping, not able to get much out with the bulb...