2Nd Baby Shower - Kaneohe,HI

Updated on January 15, 2009
N.E. asks from Kaneohe, HI
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For those of you on #2, did you have a second baby shower??? Why or why not?

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies. I actually would like to have a second one because to me, every baby should be celebrated. I had a pretty big baby shower with my daughter, so I'd rather this one be a lil smaller (MIL and my mom got carried away lol-it was great though). Thanks for responding-I wish i had mamasource when preggo with DD.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Hi Nahes,

I agree!!!! Have another one !!!CELEBRATE!!! If you are fortunate enough to not need anything register for only diapers :) and clothes (if you need them) I had two and would not of changed a thing....

Congrats....and Happy Baby Shower Day....

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answers from Honolulu on

We had a 2nd baby shower... given by my Mom & sister. And like you, our 2nd child was a boy, whereas our first child was a girl.
So, there was no 'duplication' of baby items, since it was a different gender.

Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I am due with my second boy in April. 2 of my good friends are throwing me a shower. While there are quite a few items we actually NEED for this little guy (a lot of my first's stuff was second-hand and just plain wore out after he was through), I didn't want my friends/family to feel obligated to buy, especially since they boys will be less than 3 years apart. So, we registered, and included the cards, but wrote on them that gifts were optional (I believe they used the phrase "We request your presence, NOT your presents"). I wanted it to be more about celebrating my new little boy and less about gifts . . . but neither did I want people to feel like they COULDN'T buy things. ( :

Have a shower!! Have fun!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hello there,

I actually have 5 kids and on my second child my mom and sister did have another baby shower for me. I mean yes baby showers are to bring a little gift to welcome a new baby to this crazy world but why not. I was very grateful for the babys showers that was done for me. Every child should be brought into this world with a celebration. And a gift or two doesnt hurt. Good luck on your second baby.

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answers from San Diego on

We had a baby shower for #2 (girl, where #1 was a boy). And we are having a baby shower for #3, but not until after the birth. We don't need anything, but there are still family and friends that want to welcome the new baby and bring gifts, so we're going to let them.



answers from Los Angeles on

We had a shower for #2 since he was a boy and our first was a girl. All of our stuff-blankets, sheets, towels, bibs, toys were of the girlie variety and we needed lots of new stuff. Some things had just worn out by the time I was pregnantMy mother was mortified at having a 2nd shower because that wan't done in her day. Friends of mine have had a baby sprinkle for #2, fewer guest on a smaller scale.



answers from Los Angeles on

i would have one. if you dont need big items like a crib swing or high chair then only ask for clothes diapers blankets and some toys. i would have a shower for every child you have just to celebrate them comming. if you were having a girl it wouldnt be as big but since your having a boy then for it. good luck!



answers from Reno on

I had a shower with my second one. Two reasons, it had been 5 years since my first and I had a girl then was having a boy! Not much in clothing and blankets to pass on to #2. I didnt have a 'shower' with my third for many reasons. Mainly I got pregnant with #3 less then 3 months after having #2 and it was another boy. But weeks after having my baby #3, friends and family showed up with gifts! All babies are a reason to celebrate no matter how many you have or the genders of each child. And it seems that all people agree =} No matter what choice you make, friends and family will come with gifts! God Bless you and your family with a gift of an addition!

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