5Th Baby and Having Baby Shower

Updated on March 06, 2010
J.R. asks from Effingham, IL
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I am pregnant with my 5th and final child and my sister has decided to give me a baby shower at the end of the month. This baby is a boy, and so are the rest of my children. :) That's right, God's blessing me with 5 sons! I am very excited about my shower, I had a shower with my 2nd (but am inviting different people since I lived somewhere else then and have new friends now). My question is, do you think people will find it wrong that I'm having a shower with this one? I don't want to offend anyone and everyone I've asked seems to think it's ok. I have always thought baby showers were fun and there was nothing wrong with having more then one, as long as you don't seem too needy and rude.

Also, many showers have the "bring a pack of diapers and get entered to win a prize" game. Well I've decided to use cloth diapers this time but am trying to figure out how to do something like that anyway. The cloth diapers I want to use can be bought here at a local store and cost $17.95 for the regular size and $12.95 for the newborn size...each! (yup, they're expensive) Do you think saying "bring a cloth diaper purchased from "store here" and get entered to win a prize" is asking too much? I don't want to come accross as needy or pushy. On a side note, my husband lost his job a month ago thanks to this economy (I'm a stay at home mom) and everyone knows we're kind of struggling now. We had plans for this shower long before he lost his job but I don't want people to think it's a pitty thing. So any advice, or ideas would be great! Thanks!

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answers from St. Cloud on

I don't mind getting invited to a shower for an additional child AS LONG AS THE SHOWER IS AFTER THE BABY IS BORN. I will not go if it is before because I feel that I have to bring a present to the shower and THEN if I go see the baby I have to bring ANOTHER present!

No to the diaper thing. I have gone to ONE shower that had that "game/option/etc." and I did bring a pack of diapers but I would NOT do it again. Afterwards I felt like it was joke that I brought a gift and THEN brought a $15 to $20 pack of diapers too....... PLUS, 2 of the women signed up for that prize because their "gift" was diapers when, in fact, you're expected to bring the pack of diaper ON TOP OF THE GIFT.

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answers from Washington DC on

I think a baby shower for each baby is fine. Each baby needs different stuff and some stuff can't be handed down. Since you are using cloth diapers, I would change the request for the 'bring a pack game'. You could change it to diaper pins, bibs, onesie, socks, blanket, hat, wet ones, washcloths, etc. Items that are inexpensive, not brand specific, and will be needed!




answers from Lincoln on

Jennifer, I think that since this is the 5th and last baby that would be fine. Also, most likely your friends that are being invited to the baby shower already either know or have an idea that your husband has unfortunately been laid off recently. Also this baby may not be due in the same season as the previous 4 boys. I know that both my sister in law and cousin some how have managed to have all 3 in the same month so they had all needed, I on the other hand had my son in the winter 4 days after Christmas and all the other cousins are March and May so I wasn't even able to use hand me downs. So I completely understand a baby shower. Plus, you can make it fun for all to include the 4 big brothers. My suggestion with the cloth diapers is go for it they will last longer, and they actually cost about the same as a package of disposables, it has worked great for my cousin and all her kids, it will also save money in the long run. Congrats on the last of babies, and good luck for your husband in the job hunting. K.,


answers from Columbus on

I know how you feel about the shower. I just had my 4th after a 7 year break...huge surprise. We had given away all our baby stuff. All of it. I kept resisting requests for a baby shower because 1) I was still in shock that I was indeed, pregnant 2) I had already had several with my first and even though we no longer had any of the items, I didn't want people to think I was out for all the freebies. I finally agreed to a "sprinkle". Not many people invited and it was very low-key. I was happier with that. Just an idea.
I would say no to the bring-in-a-cloth-diaper part. For me, I do my shopping as much as possible in one store. If I'm already going to Target, ToysRUs, etc, I can very easily grab a shower gift. If I have to make a special trip to a store for just one or two diapers, I probably wouldn't do it. Even though cloth diapers are super soft and sweet with all the colors, etc. they aren't exactly the ideal shower gift. People want to buy cute outfits and blankets. Usually the invitation has info. on where you are registered. You could include the website/store where you are buying the diapers and leave it up to the guest.
*If I may make a suggestion about the cloth diapers - get one of each, basically. One fuzzibunz, bumgenius, etc. All cloth diapers are not created equal and much like disposables, what fits and doesn't leak for one baby, is the opposite for another. Try out different diapers before you buy in bulk. My SIL put all her money into fuzzibunz, then realized that the bumgenius actually fit her son, better. I bought 12 fuzzibunz for my daughter and was changing her clothes along with the diapers several times a day. You can get a lot of opinions as to which diapers are the most popular and what other moms like, to narrow the field down, but you won't really know until you try them. Just a little tip I wish I had done! :)
Congratulations on the baby (aren't boys awesome?!?!) and good luck with your shower.



answers from Los Angeles on

You could just say "diaper party-cloth please!", and folks will probably bring you all things they can think of for cloth diapering! You may not get the exact ones you were looking at, but you might get some that you can use, and it will make it easy and fun for your guests. You can plan games centered around the cloth diapering idea, too.



answers from Minneapolis on

I say the baby shower is no big deal.

Have you checked online, for the packs of cloth diapers? I know they make some grow with me cloth diapers, with snappies, pins, and I cant remember what else they are called. Also try going to Etsy.com, and looking for cloth diapers there too.

Ohhh and I believe there is a place called mypoints.com and sometimes you can get some good deals on clothe diapers as well. Also try Ebay, and craigslist.



answers from Las Vegas on

I don't think a shower is wrong at this age. Certainly at baby #5 there are some items that need to be replenished.

As for the diapers, I found this site that says cloth diapers do not save the carbon footprints, unless line dried. http://www.ecosalon.com/surprise_cloth_diapers_carry_a_bi...

Well, perhaps some type of game with cloth diapers and some games with the clothes pins are appropriate, since you will need them both! The clothes pin games I know of are the ones where you wear a cloth pin on your clothes and if you say baby or something someone gets to take your pin. They often use the blue (for baby boy) pin, but this time they can use the reusable wooden clothes pin. As well, there is the game where all the pins are on a clothes line and each player has to try to collect the pins in one hand without dropping them. To relate it to a baby shower, they can do it with a baby doll in one hand, since that is what you will be doing =)

For fun you can recycle as much as possible.

By the way, $17.95 is the price I recently paid for a pack of newborn diapers at Babys r us.



answers from Tulsa on

I think baby showers are always awesome and that anyone should have one. But the last one I hostessed was to a friend who was pregnant with her first girl after 4 boys, her husband worked in the produce department of Wal-Mart so we know he didn't make tons of money. Only one person came. We personally handed out over 40 invitations to everyone in the womens class at church. I asked around after and they mostly said, she already had kids and they didn't think anyone should have one after the first baby. After that you were kinda on your own.

If I got an invitation to your baby shower and you asked for a specific gift I wouldn't come, it's just not fun to be told what to bring. Maybe you could include a very general gift list and have the diapers on the top with just a few general items like one piece sleepers, crib blankets,a gift card for this particular store that carries your diapers, etc...instead of saying this is what I want, bring it.

I say go for it, have fun, be grateful for the gifts you are given, and have a wonderful BABY!!!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I agree with the previous poster- I think a lot of people might think it's not proper "etiquette" to have another one even if it's been years in between. Personally I see no issues with showers for many children, because it is fun and each child should be celebrated...but I also agree that asking for a specific gift is not fun and that to me would come across as a little rude. And yes, $18 per diaper is asking a lot because a lot of people would feel pressure to buy 2 or more [what if they can only afford one diaper and have to worry about showing up with just one little diaper and wondering what everyone else is going to bring...that in itself might cause people to decline to attend the shower]- is there any way you can get some things second-hand or somewhere online for cheaper or maybe go with a different brand even though you really want those specific ones? Also, I've never heard of bringing diapers to get entered to win a prize...all of the baby showers I've been to have prizes for everyone that plays the games- no matter what they brought. If you want to get the word out about what you need, you should have someone close to you spread the word instead of yourself, and try to keep things simple and cheap.



answers from Nashville on

Every baby should be celebrated! And a 5th baby will warrant a need for the ladies coming to know what you need! So I think that's a good idea. Except, sometimes $12.95 might be a little steep for some people, especially people who go to many many baby showers. Maybe give another option as well, like "Or a package of wipes" or something. Those are FOREVER useful! :)

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