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Updated on March 01, 2012
E.B. asks from Miami, FL
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I'm stuck on a menu idea for a Baby Shower. Here's some detail: it's a baby girl, it will be woman only, about 45 people outside in May 1:00pm start time. Here is my one and only thought, Green Salad, Cold pasta salad, Rolls with Butter on side, sliced Ham with a side of pinneapple glaze, potato casserole and brocoli casserole. For the kids I'll bake a poke a dot macaroni and cheese. I
I'm sure to everyone well it seems i have it down packed, but here's where I'm stuck and although it shouldn't matter, the majority of the woman going are hispanic. They're used to the arroz, pollo, puerco, madurros kind of meal. Although that sounds great if it was a huge Jack and Jill but it's not. Do you think the menu I have set up is okay? Should I change or add anything? Please any opinion or advice will be considered. Thank you. Also what about appetizers since it's at 1:00 should I go large on appetizers?

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So What Happened?

Thank you moms for your advice. I agree, there's too much variety. I'll do the ham, pasta salad and rolls and the veggie and fruits for appetizers.
@ Laurie: You have no idea how many times we go to get togethers do I just wish someone will whip out the mashed potatoes and Thank you for your input! I appreciate it.
Also, I really don't mind having the kids there, they are going to be older, but it's in May, so I have a few weeks to decide on that. It will be woman only as I mentioned and most of them have boys, maybe that will give them a hint! But we shall see....

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answers from Philadelphia on

I think what you have sounds good. If it were me I'd probably drop the green salad and the potato casserole and add a veggie tray and fruit, both of which could be out when guests arrive. I wouldn't do anymore than that as appetizers.

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answers from Austin on

I am Hispanic, and I like your meal. Stick with it..

I get tired of the arroz con pollo y mas. We have it at all of the celebrations.

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answers from Atlanta on

I didn't have children at my baby shower but my girlfriend she made a meal similar to yours without the casseroles and instead she made some finger sandwich's and chocolate covered strawberries that looked like baby bonnets. There also was watermelon, pineapple carved into pacifiers and several different veggies hope I could help. Have fun

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answers from Wichita Falls on

I would not do appetizers. I would serve a beverage and then begin serving plates. Your menu sounds wonderful. Surely, no one would complain since you will be serving a beautiful meal. If they did, they are shallow.



answers from Wausau on

You seem to have the menu you down, and I wish I was invited, lol!! YUMMY. Just throwing this out there but I was at a wedding shower and they did a baked potato bar and it was soooo awesome!!! You started with a baked potato and could then load it with, cheese, cheese sauce, ham, brocolli, green onion, chives, sour cream, bacon, etc. Then they had fresh fruit and pasta salads, cake and punch.
They cooked the potatoes at home in tin foil and then threw them in nescos to keep them warm.

With the shower being at 1pm, make sure to state that lunch will be provided.


answers from Phoenix on

My opinion is I would do a couple easy appetizers to have out when people get there, or eat right away when people get there. We tend to eat lunch early here, between 11 and 11:30, so if the party starts at 1 and you eat even later than that, I would be STARVING! Or I would have already eaten and would only nibble. Also, not everyone is a fan of ham, I would maybe do ham and turkey, a fruit salad, regular or pasta salad and rolls. Keep it simple but general so everyone would like it. I would put the mac and cheese out for everyone too. I'm not big on having kids eat different than adults. They should be able to eat the ham, turkey, salads, pastas, etc. I would also do cute pink cup cakes for dessert. They are easy for everyone to eat and don't need extra plates and silverware for them. Sounds like a fun time...good luck!!!



answers from St. Louis on

honestly, I think you have too many dishes. Focus on quantity of each dish & not variety.

I think you should stick with the green salad or the pasta salad. Then choose either the potato or the broccoli casseroles. One cold dish & one warmed dish..... Otherwise, everybody is loading their plates with 6 choices + the kids' mac/cheese! That's a lot of food....& way more than you need menu-wise!

Keep it simple & it'll go easier. Instead of appetizers, you could just do a vegie/dip tray. In that case, be sure to keep the dip prevent illness. Good Luck....I love doing party food!

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