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Chicco or Combi?

I am having a hard time deciding which carseat/stroller combo I want. I originaly fell in love with the Chicco Cortina/keyfit travel system. My one major concern is that it might be too bulky/heavy. The other travel system I have looked at is Combi's tri-fold. I like that it is small and compact but worry about it's durablity/stroage compacity. Any suggestions?


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Chicco Polly Highchair

We are considering buying the Chicco Polly Highchair, but just can't decide yet. We don't know anyone that has one and would like to know if any of you own it and if you like its features or not. Is the highchair worth its cost? Any other suggestions of a good highchair would be welcomed too. Thanks.

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Double Stroller to Fit CHICCO CORTINA Infant Carrier

I currently have a 20 mo boy who is very tall and expecting another boy in Aug. I need suggestions for a double stroller. I think I would prefer a front to back. I am having trouble finding one that will fit the infant carrier that I already have ( Chicco Cortina travel system). I looked at the sit n stand double in the "One Step ahead catalog" but my infant carrier is not one of the ones listed that will work with this stroller. Help! running out of time !