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Mommy and Baby Products

I just had a quick question. I have several family members who are going to be having babies here really soon. I have my ideas of what to get them but I am requesting others ideas. So my questions are if you were given a mommy and bay basket at he hospital what products or things would you just want to have in it? Also what item or product could you absolutely not live without with a newborn? What item or product that you did not want at all? Thanks a head of time for the input I appreciate it. Aloha M.

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Suggestions for Baby Registery

It has been a long time since we've had a baby in the house, we already have the crib and other "major" items, but I wanted to hear from you mom's if there is anything you would suggest that you "can't live without". I am going to breast feed, use cloth diapers (fuzzybunz maybe), and we will co-sleep for a while. Any advice or suggestions are VERY welcome!! Thanks in advance! Lea

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Best Baby Carrier

So I am having my second child with in the month and i need a good baby...

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Specific Baby Carrier - Anyone Have Experience with This One?

I was doing some poking around on the Babies R Us website and I noticed that they have this baby carrier on sale. It is the Infantino Support Ergonomic Carrier. When we were expecting our first we went shopping to finish off the items that were left on our registry and seeing as how it was my first baby I had no clue what to expect so I purchased a Wrap and I HATED it with a passion. The stupid thing was $60 and I never ended up spending any more money to get/try a new one. Now that I have a toddler and will soon have a newborn I am...


Best Baby Carrier

So I am having my second child with in the month and i need a good baby...

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Looking for Info Regarding Baby Slings

I am a 5 weeks away from having my second child. I attempted to use a front infant carrier (Baby Bjorn) for my first child, but he did not really like it and I found it awkward (I am short) and a slight strain on my back, so I was thinking of investing in a sling for this child. Can you please provide me with your likes/dislikes? Advantage/disadvantages? Preferred brands? Etc? Thanks.