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Updated on June 27, 2011
E.C. asks from Fort Covington, NY
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So my sister is having a baby - so excited for her! We have a HUGE family and so does her boyfriend. Can anyone recommend a website that has fairly inexpensive baby shower invitations (say, about $.80 - $1 per invite)? Is that unreasonable? I already know that I'm going to have to invite a few Aunts and ask them to extend the invites to their daughters. I'm going to check the Dollar Stores in our area, but I'm not sure what a selection they're going to have.

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So What Happened?

I found this great site called and was able to create custom invites with a pic of my sis on the front and a pic of her theme on the back. I would highly recommend this site to anyone. They had dozens of layouts available as well as "stickers". VERY COOL!! I ordered 65 invites and paid about $52 including S&H.

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answers from San Francisco on

Evite for people on line (free)

Hand written notes for those who are not. You or those who are helping you probably have unused stationary (letter head or cards)....also free except for the cost of postage.


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answers from Honolulu on
I use vistaprint a lot for various things, including "Mommy cards" and anything.
Even their photo t-shirts.
The things I have ordered were always well priced and nice.

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answers from Chicago on

I second Dollar Tree. I got some really cute invitations for my friend's shower about a month ago there. In fact I got a lot of the paper good including decorations and plates, cups, etc from there. Really easy on the budget! Good luck and a piece of unsolicited advice- don't be afraid to ask for help. I didn't and I was so overwhelmed by the time the shower came I was just ready for it be over and didn't really get to enjoy myself.

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answers from Tampa on

surprisingly... has some GREAT invitations and are really affordable!!

You can always do electronic invites via too

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answers from Bloomington on

I made some on the computer and printed them at home!

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Maybe also check party stores in your area (Party City, Party Time, etc)



answers from San Francisco on

We found great ones at the dollar tree. They came like 8-10 in a pack. Check there first.




answers from Dallas on sometimes has a big sale on them and I've seen them as low as .40 a piece. I'd go check them out. Also check and, usually real cheap too.



answers from New York on

I would say to create invites online or make them up and print on pretty computer paper. You should also be able to buy packages of invitations for a few bucks in a party store, or Walmart.



answers from New York on

Can u send out evites for those that are online frequently and paper invites for other relatives or family members that aren't online often. that can save you money in invitation costs and postage. Have fun!



answers from New York on

Go to staples and buy the invitations and then print at home.



answers from Kansas City on

I am kind of a sticker for "tradition" but I have to admit that even I have used evites, more than once! ;) You have to decide if that's the route you want to take, but it is nice and it's free! For the people that didn't have an email I just called them personally or you can print the evite out and mail it to them. Other than that, I'm sure you can find cheap ones at Dollar Store, Wal Mart, etc. You can probably make your own for pretty cheap too.



answers from Lake Charles on they are super cute too.. didn't read any of the posts so sorry if i'm repeating someone else.. I used them for everything!



answers from Mobile on

Do you have a dollar tree? You can get a pack of 8 for $1!!



answers from New York on

Yes, I know a GREAT website that could do it for you at that price... it's called Very helpful and professional.



answers from Boston on

I got really pretty ones at - I needed only 25 so I paid $1.29 each but the prices dropped for a higher quantity. I just checked the website and they have several shower designs on sale for 0.99 that are all modern and chic. Their customer service was excellent and I got everything promptly and correctly. Hope that helps!



answers from Seattle on

1 better... Cardstock. Print out 4 per sheet for $1 at Kinkos/FedEx, whatever... use their papercutter, and voila :)

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