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Are There ANY Scrapbookers Out There?

M.K. asks from Dallas

Hi Everyone, I am looking for ladies that would be interested in getting together once a week or so to scrapbook while the kids are at school. I have been scrap...



M.M. asks from Tallahassee

OK, I am sure we have some very talented ladies that do scrapbooking. I too would love to learn. Do you have any suggestions on how to start, what I need, etc....



T.M. asks from Norfolk

Are there any moms out there interested in forming a scrapbooking group. Not for a consultant for CM, or anything. Just people that would like to use a Saturday eve...



Y.V. asks from Stationed Overseas

I have been wanting to start scrapbooking but there are so many options that I don't know where to begin. I have tons of pictures and I would love to do something el...


Scrapbook Store

V.T. asks from Dallas

Now that Recollections scrapbooking stores are closed, are there any other stores in the metroplex that specalize in scrapbook supplies and scrapping sessions


Scrapbookers, Anyone?

R.T. asks from Minneapolis

Any fellow scrapbookers out there in the Northern Twin Cities metro area interested in developing a scrapbook club, or any clubs that already exist??


Scrapbook Person

P.L. asks from Dallas

I am looking for a scrapbooking person. I am a member of several women's club and have to archive some information. I would like to do a scrapbook to showcase the e...


Digital Scrapbooking

M.P. asks from Green Bay

Any "digital" scrapbookers out there? What website(s) do you use? I really enjoy scrapbooking, but I don't have a lot of free time or a dedicated space to do so. I...


Scrapbook Retreats

K.R. asks from Boston

Hi All, I am looking for info/feedback about people's experiences going to scrapbook retreats. I know it depends on the quality of the hostess/location, etc., but ov...


Help with Scrapbooking

J.C. asks from Detroit

I love the idea of doing a scrapbook and have been working on my wedding album for 2 years. I am kind of just fumbling along-have never gone to a class or anything. ...