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Updated on May 05, 2011
M.R. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi Moms - my kids have a bin full of clothes that I've kept - those "babies first xxxx" onesies and bibbs and other meaningful shirts and other miscellaneous favorite clothes.

My aunt has a friend who does quilting and I'd like to ask her to make a quilt for each of my kids out of these clothes.

Has anyone ever done this? Mostly, how much did you pay for it? I don't want to ask then be shocked by the price and not follow through, but I can't spend a fortune either.


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answers from Washington DC on

My mom does this....on the back of the quilt she puts blue jeans - we take them out to baseball games and to the park - they aren't just put away and used for the couch....

Depending upon the size of the quilt - my mom has charged $250 to $500 - the $500 was for the hard ones - she took hats, etc. flattened them out - etc. and it was LARGE - like a queen size bed one!

The inside is a really good batting too - so it's comfortable to sit on. I love that we can still enjoy my concert shirts (mine) baby clothes, etc. and have something to make me think of my mom!!! She loves me sooo much!

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answers from Jacksonville on

I am just learning to sew. Bought myself a decent sewing machine, and decided to take on my first "major" project of making a quilt for my daughter's bed (she is 9). I spent almost $100 on JUST the materials (backing, batting, material for the top squares, thread). I spent probably 10 hours just ironing and cutting out the squares. I haven't even started with the actual sewing machine yet! And this is with "standard" materials...not cutting up previously worn clothing to fit.

I would guess EASILY $300 as a starting point. But maybe for someone who loves doing that sort of thing and is very accustomed to it, it wouldn't be quite as big a deal as it is turning into for me. It does require storing all the "stuff" while working with it day in/day out. And needed a place to lay it out, or clean it up every time you work with it and lay it back out each time. (Big hassle).

I wouldn't be shocked to hear anywhere from $300-$600. Really.
I bought a good sewing machine for under $350 (got a really good deal). Maybe if you are planning on doing several of these, you might want to consider buying the equipment and learning a new skill and DIY? Just a thought.

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answers from Norfolk on

It depends on what you are looking for. If you don't mind what pattern she does it in and you give her free range and no time limit on when to get it done probably won't charge you much at all but will get snotty about how much time she is putting into it and will act how she is doing you a favor if you try to "correct her" or call her to ask if it is done, when will it be done.

(I am a quilter and I am shock at how other quilt ladies can act about projects they do for other people, especially if they are getting paid--it isn't a favor if you are getting paid, you know?)

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answers from Biloxi on

i am doing this for my kids... i have asked someone to help me but i am doing all the prep work. i am also purchasing all the additional materials needed. She is just doing your basic quilt with rows of squares. She told me what size squares to cut and i have spent endless hours cutting out squares from their clothes.....i assume that this would be one of the task that drives the price up. Talk to the friend to see if she would help you. Tell her you want to compensate her for her trouble but you will do as much as you can do to keep the price affordable. (that way she doesnt feel stuck with all the work for nothing but you are also letting her know you are trying to keep the price reasonable)


answers from Bloomington on

I have a friend that quilts. She charges anywhere from $200 to $800 depending on size, fabric, and stitching detail.



answers from Pittsburgh on

My mom is a quilter. Depends on many things--size, etc. You will be providing *some* of the *fabric* with the clothing items, but there is batting, binding, backing, additional materials, etc.
When my mom does a baby quilt--it tends to be about $200-350.



answers from Lakeland on

I just had a quilt made out of my oldest son's clothes this past winter. A colleague I worked with did it and charged $8 an hour plus materials. When it was all said and done, it cost $400. It is a queen size, 99 piece quilt and it looks amazing!



answers from Rockford on

I don't quilt but my Grandma did, and based on the time involved to do hand quilting, I was going to guess atleast a few hundred dollars per quilt. Looks like others on here agree. Just figure, the quilts sold in stores are not done by hand, are imported from "cheaper" parts of the word, and still run a couple hundred dollars.


answers from Houston on

Usually would cost a few hundred dollars from estimates I've seen. She would have to purchase the batting, the back fabric, binding for the edge, plus hours upon hours of work. Perhaps you can ask for smaller lap quilts instead of large ones.

Maybe if you talk to her, ask about price and let her know what your budget is. Don't be afraid to back out, just let her know up front so it wont be awkward. Maybe a deal can be worked out if you helped cut the squares, she can probably give you a square template and explain the seam allowance for the edges of each square.

I wish I had done this with my dad's clothes when he passed on, it would have been such a wonderful keepsake.

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