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Buying a Camcorder

B.S. asks from Boston

Hi Moms, With all the choices and options on camcorders these days I have become overwhelmed. We have a family vacation coming up (with lots of family) and I would ...


Looking to Purchase a Camcorder

S.D. asks from Hartford

I am looking to purchase a camcorder so I can take video of my baby. I've been doing research online, but it's kind of made me even more confused. I'm looking for a...



D.C. asks from Chicago

I'd like to buy my husband a camcorder for father's day. I've never purchased one before. What features should I be looking at? Any recommendations? Thanks!



K.R. asks from Los Angeles

hi there, I have a flip digital camcorder and it doesn't work anymore, should I get another one or a different kind altogether? I don't want to spend over $200, bu...


Camcorder Recommendation

L.M. asks from Salinas

I am looking to buy a camcorder for family use. I'm not sure if I should purchase a hard disk drive or other What do you recommend, brand and model ?


Buying New Camcorder

I.L. asks from Bakersfield

We need a new camcorder and I have no idea where to start. It has to be lightweight, good memory and VERY user friendly. Even more important it has to be easy to tran...


Camcorder Choices

S.P. asks from Joplin

I am wanting to get a new camcorder but I am overwhelmed at the choices. I would like to know what other Mamas like or dislike about their camcorders. My kids are t...


Purchase a Camcorder

J.H. asks from Kansas City

I was thinking of purchasing a camcorder. I am completely overwhelmed of the selection and all the options to purchasing the right camcorder for our family. I have ...


Advice on Camcorder

E.T. asks from Cleveland

Does anyone have or can recommend a good personal camcorder to tape my children's milestones? ALso, any advice you can offer on recording to cd, mini-dvd, and/or mem...


Camcorder Suggestions

S.L. asks from Minneapolis

My husband and I are finally planning on buying a camcorder. Our son was born about 21 months ago, so we thought we better get on it soon. Anyway, I was wondering i...