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Photos Printed as "Yearbooks" and Online Journaling

OK moms, I want to do better with organizing and printing my photos and memories this year. Crafty scrapbooking is not for me, I've learned, because I just don't have the time. And I know this sounds silly, but the last thing I want to do on my days off is spread a bunch of art supplies all over my dining table that I will later have to clean up. So I want to give "online scrapbooking" a try. I think I will enjoy how clean and simple it is. But I haven't a clue where to start. What recommendations do you have for online scrapbooking...


Should We Have 3?

I know it's crazy to put on a blog-- but my husband and I are concerned of...


New to Autism

My daughter has recently been diagnosed by her pedia with a mild form of...


Do You Blog?

Who is a momma blogger? I'm always looking for good ones to read :) Why do...


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So Its My Birthday Tomorrow.......

So its my birthday tomorrow and aside from all the joking about the world ending on my birthday i actually have a question.... my hubby and kids are getting me a popcorn maker and i am super excited but i really have no idea the difference between them all. Does anyone have a specific one they like or dont like? Thanks in advance


Dress Up

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New to MN: Advice on How to Dress an Infant (And Myself) for the Winter?

We just moved from Colorado and I have questions on how to dress our 7 month old son for the Minnesota winter. Although he was born in Colorado in February, he was in the NICU for 10 days and on oxygen for 2 1/2 months with restrictions to stay in our home, so we didn't learn about clothing him through cold weather. The answers to these questions may sound silly, but I really don't know the answers. If you do, please reply. Should he wear baby long johns? If so, what brand or store do you recommend? How many layers do you dress your...


Dress for a Funeral

Hi, My FIL has passed away. I am wondering how to dress my toddlers and...

Other Crafts

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Crafty/sewing Mamas, a Little Help Please?

I found an ADORABLE costume for my DD for Halloween this year (yes, I know it's early... but I found it randomly and decided that's what I what I want to dress her up as... lol) The problem is that the darn thing is $150.00!!!! There is no way in HECK I am willing to pay that much on a costume she will only wear once or twice... So I have decided to make it myself. I am hoping to find a way to cut the cost of even that, because I will be needing a lot of tulle for this costume (it has quite the tutu on it... lol.) I am hoping that if...


3 Year Old Birthday

Does anyone have suggestions on games or craft for a toddler party? My son...


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Crib Recalls & Recommendations

Just found out our Ellis Simplicity crib has been recalled. The manufact. is out of business. We have to take the thing back to Target and receive a refund, credit or replacement. Our son is too young to move to a toddler bed. Any crib recommendations? We need to get a new one pronto. Thanks.

Reading or Book Club

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First Time Home Buyer

My DH and I are looking to purchase our first home this summer. Our lease is up the end of August and we are really excited to start looking. Being first time home buyers I am extremely nervous on whether or not it is the best move for us. My husband has been very positive about it and assures me we can do it! Is there anything I should read or look into that will help me feel better. We are hoping to move to the McKinney area, hubby has done some research on the schools and is very happy about the ones there. Our second and third choices...


I Need a New Vacuum!

Okay, I know people have asked about vacuums recently. I've looked at those...

Sewing & Quilting

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Having a Quilt Made

Hi Moms - my kids have a bin full of clothes that I've kept - those "babies first xxxx" onesies and bibbs and other meaningful shirts and other miscellaneous favorite clothes. My aunt has a friend who does quilting and I'd like to ask her to make a quilt for each of my kids out of these clothes. Has anyone ever done this? Mostly, how much did you pay for it? I don't want to ask then be shocked by the price and not follow through, but I can't spend a fortune either. Thanks!!


Baby Memory Quilt

I posted this about a year ago and thought I would try it again. I am...


Baby Clothes Quilt

I would like to start making a quilt made from my daughters clothes. This...


Making a Quilt

Hi. I have always wanted to make a quilt that I could pass down to my...


Learning to Sew

Hi Moms, I have a great Brother sewing machine that has been collecting...