Dress Up

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Pretend Play or Dress Up?

J.H. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a place in the Plano area that our therapist can take my daughter to do pretend play or dress up or something interactive? My daughter has autism...


Seeking Dress for School Play

K.S. asks from Dallas

My daughter is the part of Alice in Wonderland in a short 3rd grade play on Nov.13 and Nove 25. I have everything for her costume except the blue dress. Does anyone...


Dress for a Funeral

M.A. asks from San Francisco

Hi, My FIL has passed away. I am wondering how to dress my toddlers and baby (his grandchildren)? I don't have anything black. Should I go out and buy black? Thanks.


Dress Ups

S. asks from Cleveland

My 3 1/2 year old girl loves dress ups. I've only done a minimal amount of encouragment and she really uses her imagination a lot. Any ideas how to make this more fun...


What to Do with a Wedding Dress

L.O. asks from Detroit

I have been married for 8 years... My wedding dress was hanging in the closet in our extra bedroom..But then we had our second child who moved into that bedroom and I...


Dress up Day

T.P. asks from Indianapolis

Hi Ladies, I need help. My daughter's school is having a Disney dress up day. They can not wear costumes like Princess dresses or Pirate outfits etc. and I don't ...


Dress up for Boys...

B.S. asks from Minneapolis

I am interested in getting my son (22 mths) some boy dress up clothes. I have looked everywhere, and no one has any! Except waiting til Halloween is over and gettin...


3.5 Yr Old D Does Not like to Play Dress Up

J.M. asks from Providence

My 3.5yr old D did not want to dress up for Halloween this year; which was ok. For some reason she does not like to play dress up - any suggestions would be great!


Dress Codes

J.W. asks from Erie

Does your family have a dress code? Not like a written down set of rules, but just, rules everyone knows to follow. Do they get broken? A lot? How is it handled? I as...


Jff:do You Play Dress up in the Bedroom?

N.N. asks from Detroit

I am in need of some new ideas because Lord knows I need them! I am thinking of new things to do and I just thought hey I am sure I could find a few customes durning ...