Do You Keep a Journal?

Updated on January 08, 2013
S.G. asks from Fort Eustis, VA
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I mean, like a private for-your-eyes-only journal? How often do you write in it?
I'm really leaning toward keeping a journal like I used to before I got married and would love to hear what you think is good about them.

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answers from Washington DC on

Yes. I've always kept a Word file that's password-protected that is really helpful to get my frustrations/joys out, help me sort through decisions and feelings, and just vent. I'd recommend it. Some people use private blogs to do this so there's no risk of losing what you've written in case a computer malfunctions.

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answers from Indianapolis on

I use a journal app on my kindle fire. I agree with a previous posters comment about writing letters to people you are upset with. It can really be an eye opener. Get all your anger, frustration, and resentments out in the open (but only for yourself to read). Then go back and read it later. And add forgiveness or an apology. Or even forgiveness for yourself. It's a great way to learn and grow as an individual. And if you vent to your journal, you won't feel the need to let loose on friends and family. :)

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answers from Kalamazoo on

No, but I should start again too. I used to really enjoy getting my thoughts out of my head!!!! LOL! and it's nice to go back and read later. I'd put all sorts of things in it about how I felt. Sometimes I would write "letter" to people that I was upset with for whatever reason and it would make me feel better.

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answers from Eugene on

I've been journaling for a few years now and use my laptop. I write in it almost every day. For me, typing is faster than handwriting so using a keyboard allows me to pour out my thoughts as they come, rather than thinking about what I want to say and then trying to write legibly. Using my laptop also allows me to encrypt my MS word docs with a password. So no can read my journal and I feel free to write whatever I want.

What I've discovered about journaling is that writing out my feelings is a better way to process than venting to friends and family. And as my thoughts and ideas flow, I have had some amazing "aha's", which I can write down and reflect on later. Another good thing about journaling is documenting both the unusual and the seemingly normal events of the day. Some of these otherwise pass without notice, but can be important and interesting to look back on in the future.

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answers from Dallas on

I keep an art journal. I also work on my penmanship, hand lettering, calligraphy, etc. Some pretty personal thoughts are in there, but nothing I'd need my best friend to burn if I die! I feel more creative, more calm, and clear headed when I journal. If I'm stressed, I feel less muddled. I also like having them to look back on.

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answers from Columbia on

I hate writing by hand. I've tried, multiple times, to keep a journal, but it always ends up collecting dust somewhere.

I blog. I've had bad writer's block for some time my blog has been sitting unattended for a while. I'm thinking of getting back into it.


answers from Minneapolis on

My bestfriend gave me one when I found out about my ex's affair. I didn't write in it a lot, but it was very cathartic. I read a little of it recently and was in tears because it brought me back to that raw emmotion.
Make sure its private and away from other's eyes, but write good and bad.



answers from Seattle on

I have 3 blogs on Blogger that I keep in Draft format (aka not published, so only I can see them). Although I'm considering publishing one of them... At this point only blogger staff could really 'see' them (in theory), and I can't imagine why they'd want to.

Does that count?

I mostly write / make notes on my phone app... Because I always have my phone on me. Then I go back through & edit periodically on my computer.



answers from Atlanta on

I write in mine only when my emotions are overflowing and I need release. I'll admit that most of the stuff in there is negative - fights with hubby, worries for the future, and I spent a lot of time writing recently after the shooting in Sandy Hook. But there are some positives, too, like suspicions that I'm pregnant, etc. I don't worry about how often I write in mine, I just use it when I need it.



answers from Dallas on

I do a prayer journal. It's kind of like my morning thing to center myself. As a Christian to get my focus right, I have to put my frustrations and hopes as prayers to give it to God. Not to mention the help I can access.

Now doing it any other way that might be found by someone it might hurt..I just could never risk that. Even though my handwriting is terrible and they likely couldnt make heads or tails out of it.



answers from New York on

I try, but often life takes over and I forget until I have the urge or am really upset about something. Kept one as a word document once and a majority of my journals are notebooks and binder with loose leaf in it. They're good when you need to vent and purge feelings....when you're sad and need to write it out to understand it. The only question I ask myself and you.....if it's for your eyes only, where would you keep it. What if something should happen to you and your family finds it?



answers from Washington DC on

I started one on new years day and I'm determined to write at least one page per day. It may be nonsense, unimportant things but it's good practice for my blog, my children will appreciate reading my words when I'm gone.

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