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Updated on October 12, 2006
M.A. asks from Denver, CO
5 answers

I would love to start a book club! If anyone is interested, it would be 1 eve or 1 afternoon a month. I believe that reading and meeting other moms is a good way to have some fun. Winter is coming and it is the perfect time to catch up on the books we all have been meaning to read. email me if you would like to join, see you soon.

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answers from Denver on

I think that sounds like alot of fun!! I have wanted to join one for a long time. I read alot of books and I am always looking for new authors. Let me know..

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answers from San Antonio on

I am very interested in a book club. Where would you have the book club? I live in northeast Denver (by the airport). Thanks.

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answers from Denver on

i would love a book club. keep me posted and just let me know when. ihave have three sweet sweet little boys so once a month would work well for me. look forward to hearing from you. N. ###-###-####

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answers from Denver on

i was wondering if the book club is still probable, or if it is going on, i would love to join. i read alot, its a passion of mine. what better time than the winter...

just let me know.



answers from Denver on

Sounds good - let me know about the first bookclub meeting. Thanks for taking the initiative. I live in Central Denver near City Park.

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