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Updated on February 18, 2015
T.P. asks from Mc Cordsville, IN
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Hi Ladies,
I need help. My daughter's school is having a Disney dress up day. They can not wear costumes like Princess dresses or Pirate outfits etc. and I don't have a creative bone in my body so do any of you have any ideas on what we can do? Dress up day is tomorrow so I need something that is quick. I just found out about it last night when I put my daughter to bed so I don't know how long they've known about it. Thanks for your help in advance.

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies. I emailed the teacher and she said the costumes weren't allowed because it can cause a lot of confusion. I told her it would have been nice to just let them watch a Disney movie and call it a day. She suggested shirts with Disney characters. I did find out that the kids knew on Monday but that still isn't enough time for something like that. I have received some good suggestions. Thank you all for your advice.

As a follow up my daughter did her own thing. She choose to be an Aristocat. She has cheetah print blue skirt and a shirt that matches. She wore the devil ears from her Halloween costume and decided they were going to be the cats ears even though they were red and sparkly. She was very excited to do her own thing and so was I. Thank you all again for your advice.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yeaaaah....thinking you might need some clarification from the school on this O..
Just doesn't sound right...Disney but not Disney. ???

I'm going to choose "Kid is Either Confused or Leaving Out Key Information" for $1200, Alex."

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answers from Grand Forks on

A fancy nightie and she can be Wendy from Peter Pan, or onesie pjs and a Teddy Bear and she can be Michael from Peter Pan.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Disney dress up day? Sorry, wouldn't be participating. I would email the school info for the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood and express my disgust.
Regular dress up day - whatever your daughter wants to be. Most animals are pretty easy.

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answers from Boise on

Since there are no costumes allowed, I'm confused on how you can dress her up! Dontcha just love when the schools do these sorts of things?!

I suggest you have her wear a simple hoody or t-shirt with a disney princess(es) on it.

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answers from Washington DC on

how weird that they have 'disney dress up day' but then put parameters around certain costumes.
why the pirate/princess discrimination?
a pirate is easy and would be my go-to. no clue what to do with no time plan and such restricted choices.
ETA- after the SWH i still don't get it. what's confusing about princess or pirate costumes?

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answers from San Antonio on

Maybe a long pink T shirt and purple leggings. Hair in pigtails and carry a bear like Boo from Monsters Inc?

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answers from Norfolk on

If I found out the night before with no prior notice, I wouldn't bother trying to worry about it.
Not every kid is going to be able to dress up.
So just skip it and tell your daughter you need more advance notice for next time.

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answers from Portland on

I've seen people make Minnie Mouse ears with just a headband and cutting out two round ears of black card stock (double sided, so you wrap it around the headband) and then attach a bright ribbon to the middle.

Here's a link to a picture/instructions:


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answers from Boston on

Black or orange sweat pants/sweat shirt and then the opposite color in felt from the craft or sewing store to make stripes. Iron on or glue on - ask the store for a product you can use that will wash out. Add a tail and ears from the craft or party store to give you a simple product for this, and poof, she's "Tigger". Or, brown sweats with 2 tan stripes down the back and a brown tail. See if you want find an appliqué or even a photo of an acorn to pin onto her chest - poof, she's "Chip" or "Dale".

You can re-use the sweats so it's not a waste of money.

Otherwise don't worry about it - if this is all the notice they gave, a lot of kids aren't going to make a costume!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Blue dress, white apron, black hairband - Alice in Wonderland.

I agree, this is quite strange..."DISNEY" dress up day? Are they getting kickbacks from Disney? Can she dress up as a Nickelodeon character or would that be a problem? Very weird...I'd try to get some clarification from the school.

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answers from St. Louis on

Wait, let me see if I understand, they are having a Disney dress up day but you can't wear a Disney costume?


I would so be mocking my kids school if they did this.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Let her pick out what she wants to wear and she can explain who she's pretending to be. She can think she's anyone she wants and be wearing jeans and a tee shirt with a blanket on her head...it's all about pretend play...pretending to be someone they aren't.

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answers from Dallas on

Google "DIY Disney dress up" or something like that. They usually give good ideas on how to put something together yourself. Also google and get a list of all the Disney stories - just looking at the list might remind you of something that you have the pieces to make an outfit.

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answers from New York on

I don't have a creative bone in my body either so I'd go safe with Minnie Mouse and get black oaktag, make two big circles and attach them to a headband. LEt her pick out a dress from her closet to weat and make a bow to match it, stick it ont he headband as well.

After that I'd call the school or PTA or whoever dreamed up this dopey idea and tell them off. how about pajama day instead? Everyone has pajamas! The Disney thing is pretty commercial if there has to be a day how about favorite person day and kids can dress like grandma, or a sport figure, or Albert Einstein or their teacher...

These are the things I hated about having kids in elementary school. Add the 4th grade science project on top of it and it just makes the average parent run screaming away. (Middle school and high school have their own issues - but getting away from helicoptor PTA moms is the best thing about having your kids graduate out of elementary school.)

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answers from San Diego on

I find it truly ridiculous that they are having a Disney Dress Up Day yet they are banning the very costumes Disney makes and that a lot of kids are going to want to be! Why would you make it a specifically Disney Day and exclude a whole portion of their main characters?
Google "Disneybound". It is where you wear every day clothes to emulate Disney characters. It would be things like wearing yellow tights, a blue dress with a white sweater to be Donald Duck. Wearing a pair of green pants and a green shirt with brown shoes to be Peter Pan. There are tons of ideas online like that. It can be very fun and well done. I've done it myself for Halloween costumes myself. I've done a Cheshire Cat and did a concept of "The Haunted Mansion" once.



answers from Chicago on

I would call the school to get the particulars. Sometimes little ones come home with only half the info. did she bring a sheet of any kind?

I would imagine the ban on disney dresses etc is because not all children can afford to purchase or already own fancy dress up clothing.

our kids always had dress up like a nursery rhyme character. maybe she mixed it up?

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