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Updated on July 18, 2013
J.M. asks from Antioch, IL
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Are any of you mamas crafters that set up booths at fairs?
My school is trying to put together its first Fall craft fair and we have no idea how much to charge for booth space.
We can supply the tables & chairs, if that makes a difference.
Any advice would be great!
I would also love to hear where you can finder crafters for the there a place crafters go to see about fairs in their area?

Thanks a bunch!

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answers from Dallas on

See if there are any craft fairs going on in your area now and go and visit with the vendors. Find out how they found out about that one and how much they paid to participate. Ask about good fairs they attended and fairs that did not produce for them. Pick up cards for the vendors you visit and get their email addresses. When you have your plan in place, email them with an invitation to participate. You could also google craft fairs and your town name and you might be able to pull up on on other craft fairs that have been held in your area. I think it best not to have all the vendors selling the same thing so try to get some variety in the crafters represented. Good luck! Several craft fairs here that are put on my schools have built quite a reputation and build repeat business from year to year. One of the things that vendors want is people who want to look and buy their items (traffic and $$$). Come up with some incentives to get people in your school community (parents, teachers, neighbors, etc) to come and support the event.

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answers from Seattle on

My in laws do a craft fair every year. Their booth costs them $25 and they are supplied with the table and chairs.
I'm not sure where to find crafters but you can post flyers in the local area, and you can post an ad for it in your newspaper, or on Craigslist possibly.

Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on
Here are a few of the places we advertise, some are free, some are not. Not all of these links will pan out for you. Crafters will look for upcoming shows and call for availability/fees. If the Faire is small and/or outside, $30-$45 is a normal fee for 1-2 days. If it is inside and larger (3 days - week), fees could go up to $150 plus a percentage of the sales. Figure out what your overhead will be and how much you intend to make off your show, then you can find how much you need to charge.
Also, the other person who posted is right, don't be afraid to limit the vendors on any particular item; no one wants to go to a show and see nothing but jewelers, photos, etc. Look for someone who can also demonstrate their craft, whether it's origami earrings or woodcarving. If you have foodstuffs, make sure you check with your local Health Department for their rules and regulations, you don't want them shutting down one of your vendors for non-compliance.
Hope this helps and the best of luck!

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answers from Reading on

I would find out what other fairs in your area are charging. I've done two school fairs and they've charged $25 and $40 for booth. Some also do a lower booth fee with a percentage of sales (%10-20). More than $40 in our area would be too much.

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answers from Chicago on

I have a Pampered Chef booth at many craft fairs. Booth prices range from $30-35 for smaller fairs and $45-50 for larger high school fairs. You can list your event on for free. Send me and email address and I can send you some sample applications for local fairs. Most events charge $10 for tables and chairs are free. Are you charging an admittance charge for the guests? Are you going to ask the vendors for a product for a raffle (usually $10-20 value)? Are you going to allow vendors - such as Thirty One or Pampered Chef?

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