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Books to Read

C.D. asks from Louisville

I love to read. I have finished the Hunger Games Trilogy in a week. I just finished all three Fifty Shades book in a week.... I have read most of Jodi Piccoult, G...


Recommendations for Books

N.P. asks from Chicago

Hi... I am looking for some recommendations on books for children age 18 months. What books do you find your children, at this age, just loved (story-wise and pictur...


Need Some Good Books to Read

S.L. asks from Cincinnati

Hi Mamma's looking for some new and exciting books to read this summer, It really does not matter what kind of book as long as it holds my interest. The only books I ...


Help Finding Books to Read.

K.D. asks from Chicago

I am a stay at home mom that is trying to start reading more books now. I usually read at night and im wanting to know if there are other moms out there that read alo...


Looking for Great Books to Read

J.B. asks from Great Falls

Does anyone have some suggestions of great books they've read? I'm looking for something new to read, and would love any ideas. Thanks! J.


Good Learn How to Read Books..

J.K. asks from Sacramento

My son started 1st grade this year. What typr of books could I get at the library to help learn to read? So far this site has answered many questions I have had! Me...


Books to Read at Bedtime

A.E. asks from Des Moines

I was wondering what are some good books to read to a newborn to get them used to it being time to go to bed. I have the classic Goodnite Moon but looking for some ot...


Suggestions for Books to Read.

M.M. asks from Salt Lake City

Hello all, I am looking for suggestions on books to read for myself. I have read the Secret and lots of different cookbooks. I like all subjects and was just wonderi...


Have You Read Any Good Books Lately?

J.K. asks from Los Angeles

It's so hard to find the time to read with a one year old. I do read, but they've generally been baby books relating to child development and such. The last book I ...


What to Read?

S.C. asks from Indianapolis

My daughter is now 9 yrs old and in the second grade for the second year. We held her back because she was behind in her reading. She is doing much better. I am tr...