Best Way to Learn to Crochet?

Updated on September 23, 2010
T.C. asks from Birmingham, AL
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I am not a very crafty person but I really need and badly want to learn a new hobby. I really would like to learn to sew but can't afford a sewing machine. I really would like to learn crocheting. What is the best way to learn and what do I really need to get started. I am a stay at home mom and my youngest doesn't go to preschool so taking a class is out of the question. Thanks!

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answers from Fayetteville on

Go to a hobby store and get a simple basic how to book, or even better find someone who does crochet and have them show you one stitch. Best thing to start is a simple quilt. Crochet is easiest to learn.

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answers from Portland on

I crochet quite a bit and love it! I take my projects with me everywhere. What I like most is that when I am out at the park or socializing with friends, I have my hands busy and feel productive. I even crochet during lectures at school. I am one of those students that will zone out completely if I am not multi-tasking.

I learned one stitch from a friend years ago. But since then I have learned lots of stitches from books at the library. One of the best beginner books I checked out was called "Crochet Chic", written by Francine Toukou. I own it now and still refer to it every once in awhile. Here is a link about the book, the review is bad but I still think it was a great beginners guide:

"Crochet for Dummies" is actually pretty good too:

Another really good source for me is youtube videos. I could not believe how many people posted lessons and projects there.

All you really need to get started is one crochet hook and one ball of yarn. I recommend starting with a medium hook(maybe a size J or H) and medium weight yarn to get started. A hook costs about a dollar and so does a skein of basic yarn, so at 2-3 dollars it is a good price to see if you are interested.

Good luck!

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answers from Baton Rouge on

Craft stores have lots of how-to books for beginners, and they're usually under $5. That's how I taught myself the basics of knitting and crocheting.

You can also find how-to videos for beginners on YouTube. Just go to the YouTube website and type "how to crochet" in the search box. I find the videos useful if I'm having trouble understanding the instructions in a book because I can see exactly what to do.

Also check the web for crafting groups in your area. There's a website called, and some of the women (and a few guys) in my area get together for a weekly "stich and b****" at a local coffee shop, where we work on our projects, show off what we've done, and newbies can ask for and get help from more experienced folk. And you can bring your kid with you.



answers from New York on

Taking a class shouldn't be out of the question. Hire a sitter for about two hours. A class like this usually lasts about 1 hour. If you go to the local craft store they usually have classes too or try to find someone in your circle of friends and aquaintences that may be willing to teach you. In our area there are stores that sell higher end kniting and crotchet materials, they are great for classes. Try posting an ad on Craig's List for someone to teach you how to do these things. That may work too.

I learned the basics of crocheting from my aunt but I bought a book and learned many more stiches. The book was on all kinds of crafty things. Your local library may have some books like this. They come with great pictures but you will still need someone to show you how to do it.

I hope this helps.


answers from Florence on

I learned to crochet when I was about 9. I couldn't do much, just a chain stitch and maybe a double crochet. Anyways when I got older, I wanted to make an afghan, but I couldn't remember how to do anything besides a chain stitch. I looked on youtube to see how to do a single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, and triple crochet. It was nice because I could watch and rewatch the parts that I got confused on and it was right there in my face.

Now I am quite compitent at making baby afghans for people as presents. The hardest part is going to be figuring out how to hold your yarn and getting the right amount of tension behind it. After practicing several chains, you should be able to get that figured out no problem.

Here is a video showing how to do a chain. I hope this is helpful!


answers from Dallas on

Go to a knit store and ask for the simplest book (with drawings or photos) that they have. That's where I would start.



answers from Grand Rapids on

My mom taught me how to crochet, and bought me this book as well. Since i live a ways from her, it was helpful. She showed me the basic single crochet, and from the book, I was able to learn the other stitches. I still refer to the book. I still make the projects in it as well.

I would suggest even contacting a craft store by you and see if they offer a class. I have a friend who took a class at Michael's for the basics, and than I have taught more to her. Any of the big stores could offer it, but dont' forget about little stores either. I take a quilting class at the quilt store, and they started up a crochet and knit class, but not a place people would think to go there for one. So definatly something to look into



answers from Des Moines on

I really wanted to learn to do this about a year ago. What I found really easy was going onto youtube to see the simple stitches. I also got a couple crocheting books at the library...those were really helpful. It's pretty easy to grasp...I've gotten good enough that my mom has asked me to make christmas stockings for everyone in our family!

It's kind of fun all the stuff you can make!!!



answers from Portland on

I agree with Betty O. You can teach yourself. My grandmother taught me how to hold the yarn and a couple of stitches but after that I used an inexpensive small paperback booklet published by a yarn company. You can try it out for around $5.

I haven't used youtubes but have seen a couple illustrate how to do something. They should help you alot because you can see how to hold the thread and hook. However, I've known a couple of women who didn't use the typical way of holding them and their work was beautiful.



answers from Huntsville on

My mom taught me the basics to get started, but I've surpassed her knowledge by learning through books. Try any book that has a beginner's lesson in it. Also, YouTube videos would probably be helpful as well. YouTube wasn't around when I was first learning :)

One thing I will mention is that you don't have to hold your yarn the way they tell you. I don't know what it is but I can't keep the tension in the yarn consistent if I have it all wrapped up in my fingers like they tell you to. I just hold the yarn between my index & middle fingers & then let it lay over my thumb to guide it.

Tension is VERY important. Your stitches have to be consistent or your project will be misshapen. Feel free to send me a message if you ever have any questions! I think I've been crocheting for probably 15 years, since I was fairly young.

Have fun!



answers from Tulsa on

Another website that can be helpful is:
They have different information on how to crochet. Plus they sell books for beginners. I crochet and really enjoy it.

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