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Updated on May 26, 2011
A.D. asks from Boyceville, WI
7 answers

Just wondering---
When do you like to do crafts?
or craft with your kids?

During Spring / Summer OR Fall / Winter?

of course there is always all year no matter what. I'm just wondering who has a preference to the warm or colder months.

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answers from Kansas City on

I have girlfriends who get together every Thursday so we can craft. We just bring whatever we're currently working on and it is so much fun! Girl time and craft time all at once. One of the other girls has gotten really into Doctor Who also, so we've been doing all kinds of Doctor related crafts. I made a nook cover that looks like River Song's journal and she crocheted an Eleventh Doctor doll. So much fun!



answers from Davenport on

WE craft all year around here, but different crafts for different times of the year....summer we so lots of outdoorsy things, make bubble soap, to handprints and fingerpanting ( outside to lessen house mess) collect flowers to press, plant , weed, and tend a garden. In autumn, we collect leaves, sticks, acorns and pinecones to do crafts with, we bake and we draw - I do crochet in fall and winter, as well as polymer clay scupltures.
Winter, we sew, crochet, do recycling projects with egg cartons, milk cartons, boxes, do watercolor painting in the basement, decorate things with stickers!

I couldn't just skip a season and not craft then! LOL! I am a craftoholic!



answers from Dallas on

I sew, I only do it when my boys are in bed for the night or napping on the weekends. I do this all year around (I own my own business) but really love it most in the winter.



answers from Los Angeles on

Thankfuly, my children are grown and I can craft as much as I want. I do it constantly, almost every day. I sew, quilt, paper craft, and crochet. My kids are in college, It makes me a little sad, but then I just get out my crafting supplies and go to town. When they are home for the summer, as they are now, I try to get them involved. I have no takers, which is their loss.


answers from Kalamazoo on

Crafts with kids!
We love paper mache. This summer they are both going to make paper mache solar systems and learn about each planet as they make and paint them! Tie dye and shirt decorating is fun too because then they get to wear them to school.



answers from Austin on

I do it all year 'round. ;) But normally only when I'm alone or my hubby is occupied! I can never seem to get anything done otherwise!


answers from Asheville on

Depends on the craft. I like to crochet duriing the winter as I have something warm on my lap. I like to bead, garden (hard to do in winter), make pottery, and many other things. I try to do most of them whenever I can, which means I will probably have to wait until they are older to do anything at all! ( they are about to turn 3)

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