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Updated on January 05, 2010
S.D. asks from Middletown, CT
6 answers

I am looking to purchase a camcorder so I can take video of my baby. I've been doing research online, but it's kind of made me even more confused. I'm looking for a High Definition camcorder. I'm willing to pay more if it's a good camcorder. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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answers from Barnstable on

I also got a Flip Video HD camera for Christmas and love it. So easy to use and upload. Enjoy.



answers from Hartford on

I have bought a couple now with all the cool features but if it is not small & portable you won't use it. Get the new Flip. It is easy & small enough to go in your pocket.



answers from Boston on

Do not go with a flip unless you just want to post i to the web. They are NOT hi def and if that's what you want you will not be happy. Go to a legitimate dealer. I am not sure where you live but try Bob at Newtonville Camera in Newton, MA. He know his stuff can can advise you. That being said, after you get great advice, from whomever you talk to, don't go make the purchase at Best Buy to save 20.00. I have Canon HD camera that was about 700.00 a couple of years ago. You do not need to pay that much. You want something easy to use, lightweight to carry and you want to understand the various features and decide what is important to you. You also want a camera that you can have for a few years and still be happy.
Good Luck.



answers from New London on

My husband and I were just given a Flip Video and are very happy with it. It's easy to use, and makes good videos. :)



answers from Hartford on

I have a canon HF20. Got it on black friday for half the price at best buy (i think they're like $700 full price). I absolutely love it. Very easy to use, very light and takes great video. My husband is a photographer and so he knows things like lens quality and stuff. The flip cameras are great for just uploading to the web and you can't really beat the price, but i agree that they aren't truly high def. You can't do any video editing or anything, but maybe you dont want to.

The only other thing i'd add is to watch out for video editing software on hd camcorders on PCs. iMovie on a mac is designed to work with any HD camcorder (pretty much) and the upload to a computer is very easy. PCs are a bit harder to work with and I've heard that the software on the canon camcorders is really bad and hard to work with.



answers from Boston on

I personally prefer the smaller point and shoot cameras that have the video option on them. they are easy to use, fast to grab, easy to pocket. I've shot the most amazing things quickly. "getting out the camcorder" for the traditional ones seems like a big deal. I just got the Canon SD780is with HD video, and it's worth every penny!

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