Yoga for Kids???

Updated on April 03, 2011
S.F. asks from Madison, WI
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Has anyone had their kids do a yoga class? What were your reasons for having them take the class? I was thinking that this might be helpful for my daughter. She is 7 1/2 and can get herself really worked up and has a hard time calming herself down. I thought yoga might teach her some techniques for self calming. Let me know if you have experience with kids and yoga and if you think this may be beneficial to try. Thanks!

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answers from Honolulu on

What you might want to try, is Meditation.
I don't mean the purist sitting for hours kind of meditation.
Just sit, with legs comfortable, and everything quiet, and close eyes, and focus on a relaxing or happy mental image. Even if for 10 minutes. Or whatever your daughter can do.
It is a process. In time, a person can do it for longer.
And while doing it, concentrate on breathing... from deep in your gut, and expelling the air. In a rhythmic manner.
And YOU do it, WITH her.

My daughter's Kindergarten Teacher, 'taught' her kids this, and did it with them in class, in the afternoons. They LOVED it. It helped to get them centered and more peaceful.

My own daughter, (who is 8), LOVES to meditate. Even with the Wii.
She even does it with my Husband. Who practices deep breathing and meditation... for overall health and well being.

Or, Tai Chi, is also a GREAT thing. For all ages.

all the best,

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answers from Denver on

It' worth a try and a great practice for anyone. My daughter (4) does yoga 1x per week for 30 minutes with all kids her age (2-6). She loves it. One day she was very emotional and having a hard time calming down. I said, "breathe like you are in Yoga"... she did and it helped. Can't hurt to try!

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answers from Las Vegas on

I had my son do yoga when he was 5 because he is on the autism spectrum and I thought it would help him to learn to pay attention, calm down when he needed to and would be good physical exercize. I had a neighbor at the time who is a yogini and she came to our house and did 30 minutes of yoga-inspired song and dance and storytelling which incorporated yoga moves into it. It really did help a lot and he really enjoyed it. So did I.

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answers from Williamsport on

Depends on what you mean by worked up and what kind of class. I've been to mommy and me yoga with my friend's 9 year old daughter, and it was actually a beginner level class (any age) and the kids followed along with adults-which isn't easy-some kids wouldn't cooperate and had to leave(parents volunteered to keep zen atmosphere, they didn't get kicked out). If her behavior is fine and she has self discipline it may help her control some anxiety if she gets into the centeredness of it (not sure if kids work that way, seems more of an adult mentality choice with practice of yoga). Since the practice maintains calm focus all the way through, it's not really about calming down from being worked up, even though adults use it to balance. Maybe. Some sort of tai kwon do thing might help her blow off steam better too and maintain control. If it's a more "kid yoga" type thing, it may be fun, but probably not any heavy duty anxiety help-those classes are usually pretty light hearted and easy. Worth a try though, she may love it. I know for myself, even after 15 years, even if I'm practicing yoga 3 times a week, I can still be ticked off about stuff the next day :)

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