Non-Crafty Moms, Would You Pay for Craftiness?

Updated on May 26, 2011
V.T. asks from McKinney, TX
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I was at the craft store the other day looking for memorial day decorations, and overheard a mom buying fabric for a costume she needs to make for her kids school by Thursday, and it got me thinking. I'm not crafty at all. I wouldn't know where to start when it comes to making a costume, scrapbooking (although I try), or anything else real crafty. I always say that I will have to hire someone to be "crafty" mom for my kids. But who would I hire? Is there already a business out there that does this? I would want someone I could call and say, my kid needs an costume for a school play, can you help? Not something I would have to order or could order off of ebay or etsy, like scarfs or knit hats, etc. Am I they only one willing to pay, or is there a business opportunity out there for a "crafty" mom?

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answers from Austin on

I've mostly seen people help each other out for free. One of my friends showed me how to recover my sofa(not doing it for me, but answered all my technical questions). I helped someone I met through freecycle by sewing doll clothes for her daughters. I had fun, had a chance to do a girly project(which I don't get to do with my son), and made a good friend.

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answers from San Angelo on

I would pay, especially if the woman didn't put her name on anything and I could take credit.

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answers from Lincoln on

I do not do it for a business, but I have had my friends pay me for doing crafty things for them. We usually barter more than pay. I have made things in return for child care for the evening. (I am a single mom, so I like the trade to get some time off).

I have made them gift baskets, lap quilts, special treats, mending on their favorite clothes, etc. I think it's a win win, b/c I get some "profit" and they get to give cute gifts to teachers or for their kids to take etc.

I think that it's fun to give out crafty things even if you weren't the one who made them.

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answers from Miami on

Well you might try your local sewing place and see who works the sewing. Maybe she will want a side job. Also ususally those craft stores have billboards where people post their stuff.

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answers from Austin on

I have made a business out of being crafty..

I can do almost any type of craft and so many people call me to help with all sorts of "Projects".. We even had a Marathon call us to ask us to come up with some original type of Trophies for a funny night time Run they were doing.. we ended up making huge Sombreros into Pinata style covered with lights!

I do special events and always design the decor out of whatever it takes to make it special.. I have a very good friend that has made a true career out of being crafty, he works on Movie sets!

One interesting thing.. Sewing is a dying art. Any of you moms that sew should consider teaching sewing classes.. Even just the basics.. Replace a button, do a hems, repair a hole.. then do more advanced to use a pattern and actually sew clothing and crafts.

I hire seamstresses all of the time to make all sorts of things, but they are not getting any younger..

Alteration and tailors are making good money right now.



answers from Dallas on

I am that very crafty person. I sew, crochet, scrapbook and can pretty much make anything I see. I've always wondered if I could make money with my skills! I do some sewing for others, making custom outfits. I love your idea of "crafty mom for hire" though. What a fun idea to put an ad on Craigslist too! I've had some friends ask for sewing lessons and have been thinking of doing that too. I'm in Anna (just north of McKinney) if anyone local would like to talk crafts, lol!!



answers from Dallas on

I'm going to have to find a seamstress to make our Willy Wonka + Oompa Loompa costumes this year and I'll probably find them on Craigsist. There are scrappers out there who sell their finished 12x12 pages on ebay, then all you have to do it go to the store and buy the album you like. My wife is a scrapper and she has spent loads of money on tools and supplies. It's a real cottage industry.



answers from Los Angeles on

Just thinking about being crafty gives me a headache, but my son loves that sort of stuff! I am very grateful for school and daycarewhere they get a lot of that stuf out of the way. At home, to satisfy his craft desires, I use cheats and really easy 'kits' to make things. I don't think I would pay out of school though. My at-home craft is really only an activity to do together. Having someone else do it would defeat my purpose.


answers from Redding on

I do all sorts of craft things and sewing for others. If you know anyone who can help you it might be fun to try and learn. Ask around and see what your friends know how to do and they will get you started. Its like that here too, You ask if anyone has an idea for something and WHAM you get 35 suggestions!



answers from Chicago on

Dear Lord yes!

I have always wanted a 'scrapbook trainer' to help me learn the basics of scrapbooking because I think I would like it but I have no clue where to start and walking into Archiver's, while fun, is completely overwhelming.

I also would love to find someone who can quilt, because I really want to take my baby's old receiving blankets and cut them up for quilt squares. I think that would be a totally cute keepsake.

Laurie A - why do you have to be living in Austin? /sigh :)



answers from Dallas on

What a fun thread! I have a degree in drawing and painting, made all my own clothes in college (even worked as a custom designer for awhile). I paint on canvas, wood (think furniture), cloth, walls, glass (custom glassware - great for weddings) - anything really. I paint/draw portraits, land/seascapes etc. I crochet - purses, blankets, throws...make jewelry...and love to cook - any and everything....I can and bake...I also do photography.....I always tell people 'if you can imagine it and articulate it to me - I can create it!'........I am in east Dallas (currently in Children's with my daughter).....


answers from Chicago on

I am probably just as bad as you! I wanted to start scrapbooking. I bought a bunch of stuff. Looked at it at home and thought "What am I doing?? Where do I start??" I gave up on it. That is just not me. I am not good with coming up with ideas. I am not creative what-so-ever. I am now a baker. I took the Michael's cake decorating classes for ideas, because I can't come up with any on my own!! They offer lots of classes. You should check there to see what they offer to help you along. I wish I could be more creative as well....
Oh - and yes, that means I would pay for the craftiness!


answers from Dallas on

I would pay someone to sew for me - costumes and what not. I once paid a friends mom to sew 20 cheerleading skirts for me. I just asked around - does anyone know someone that sews? And was given her name as a referral.
But, imho, crafts are differant than the skillset and equipment needed to sew. I think crafts are meant to be done by your own hand. The time and effort you put into doing it is a hobby thats meant to be enjoyable and give a sense of accomplishment. Paying someone else to do it defeats the purpose, imo.

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