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Help Me with $$ Saavy Grocery Shopping in the Mountain View/Sunnyvale Area?

My family needs to rein in our budget. Groceries is a place we could probably be spending less. Can you help us out with your thoughts on good spots to shop in my area. Here's what we're doing right now: -Nob Hill/Raley's is close and pleasant and has a lot of what we need, but I'm pretty sure it's not the cheapest -I do like to do organic or local produce. I get what I can at Trader Joe's, then other htings at Whole Foods and maybe Nob Hill -I do Trader Joe's a couple times a month. They seem so cheap, I wish they had...


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Food Ideas for Double Baby Shower at Work

Yay, I am in charge of something fun at work. I am planning a shower in about 2 weeks and I'd love some ideas! Two of the ladies here are pregnant and one's husband works here as well. Should I invite only the ladies or since the dad is here too, should I invite everyone? Also, what would be good for food (we've always done pizza and I think something new might be good)?? It would have to be cheap though and easy. I don't think I want to make food for about 25 people! I'd love any other suggestions too. It's both these mommas second...


Small Gift Idea

Our daycare providers birthday is coming up. I am looking for ideas of a...


Daughter with Celiac

We recently found out my 10 year old daughter has celiac and changing our...