Yoga Specifically Hot/bikram Yoga

Updated on September 09, 2009
B.S. asks from Hudsonville, MI
6 answers

Has anyone here done yoga and if so what kind, what did you like and not like about it?

I am specifically interested in hot/bikram yoga... what is it like, is it too hot?


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answers from Detroit on

Hi B.,

Ah, yoga. I love yoga! I practiced daily before I had my daughter and all during my pregnancy. I've always been in love with vinyasa, specifically hot vinyasa. Center for Yoga in Birmingham and West Bloomfield is the best place to practice that type of yoga. There's really nothing like it.

I have been to a couple Bikram classes but didn't find that it suited me. I like to flow, Bikram was a little rigid, a little "military" if you may find that therapeutic, to each his own. Yes, it's HOT, but it's not a "bad" heat. Just make sure you take a large bottle of water and dress appropriately (meaning, as little as you're comfortable wearing). Namaste!




answers from Detroit on

What area do you live in? I do vinyasa yoga (hot) and have some amazing studio's in the Birmingham/Rochester area that I could recommend if that is close to you. Send me an email and let me know!



answers from Detroit on

Ive done Bikram yoga, but not here in Michigan. Its hot, but not unbearable. The tough part is the series of 26 poses. They are challenging. But, I loved it and would be doing it if I had a spot near here. The heat keeps injuries from happening b/c your muscles are warm.

I found that I could stretch better in the heat.

Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

I recently got back into exercise after a pregnancy w/a month of Bikram yoga at a studio in Farmington Hills. They were offering 30 days of all you could do for $29. Although it is intense, I found it kind of addicting. The room is somewhere around 104 or 105 and the class was 90 minutes long. They recommended that if you were new to the practice that you find a spot near the door. You need to bring your own mat, towels for the mat, towel and clothes for afterward, and a lot of water. I was surprised at the results after a month. I would have continued but the drive is just too far.



answers from Detroit on

(Funny, I too, am a B. S....small world!)

I've tried bikram yoga a couple times, a number of years ago. It was really intense the first time I went, and got easier the more I did it. If you get too hot, or dizzy, you can sit down and rest. My SIL did it for several months and loved it!
There is a place in Plymouth that has it, but I can't recall the name of it right now.




answers from Grand Rapids on

Hi B.,

I own a fitness studio where I offer Personal Training, Group Classes (including what I call Fitness Yoga), Nutritional Consulting and Shaklee (non-toxic and natural cleaning products, supplements, etc.).

For several of my certifications I attended some Bikram yoga classes, and my personal opinion is that there is not enough variety. The heat is not bad as long as someone is closely regulating the temp., but the class is sequenced around the same 20 some poses in the same order every class. People tend to plateau quickly, but for the first 4 weeks or so it is a great workout and stress reliever. I hope that helps.

A. V.

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