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B.W. asks from San Francisco

Hi everybody! I noticed that on Mamapedia there are lots of bloggers. Why do you blog? How do you start blogging? What are good blogger sites to be part of? I like t...



K.O. asks from Detroit

I have been keeping a journal for my since he was born (he's now 3 years old). I write about things like bday parties we have/go to, halloween & just plain old good d...


Do You Blog?

B.. asks from Fayetteville

Who is a momma blogger? I'm always looking for good ones to read :) Why do you blog? What do you blog about?


Do You Blog?

S.B. asks from Topeka

Do any of you blog? What do you blog? Do you have any interesting blogs you would like to share? I just started a blog. No, this is a ploy to get followers. haha!...


Do You Blog?

H.D. asks from Dallas

Hi all, I have a blog that I put everything from family photos to recipes to general rants. In the beginning all my family and friends loved this and some even st...


Writer's Group

K.M. asks from Dallas

I'm looking for a writer's group that gets together on a regular basis and critiques each other's work. I need to find a group that meets in the Allen area, or as cl...



D.G. asks from Dallas

Ladies, I can't seem to write in my personal journal like I used to, but typing something quick on the computer...well, I guess, Welcome to 2007! I don't want a bl...


Do You Have a Blog?

M.J. asks from Chicago

I'm thinking about setting up a blog. Have you done it? Do you have any advice? My family all lives in other states, so I thought this might be some good entertain...


Journaling/scrapbooking Ideas...

B.M. asks from Dallas

okay, so scrapbooking's great, i like it, but i wanna make a book focused more on journaling about my boy. i bought a composition book and was just adding photos to ...


Do You Keep a Journal?

S.G. asks from Norfolk

I mean, like a private for-your-eyes-only journal? How often do you write in it? I'm really leaning toward keeping a journal like I used to before I got married and...