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Updated on February 26, 2009
E.T. asks from Aurora, OH
6 answers

Does anyone have or can recommend a good personal camcorder to tape my children's milestones? ALso, any advice you can offer on recording to cd, mini-dvd, and/or memory card is appreciated. Thank you, E.

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answers from Columbus on

We have a Flip Mino digital camcorder. It was only about $150 (you can probably find them for less now) and plugs right into your computer with an attached USB plug. It records digitally so you can download the videos onto your computer or some kind of disk or card. It is small enough to fit into your pocket and records about 60 minutes of video. I got this after having a larger camcorder that records onto a tape. It's battery never stayed charged and it was big and bulky. So far we love our Flip camera. The video quality is great and you can email videos or post them on the web for family and friends to see.



answers from Cincinnati on

I haven't bought one yet, but I did look at consumer reports, and they recommended top 3 of
Panasonic SDR H60

I looked them up online, and I would like to get the one that is a hybrid (has both an SD card and a hard drive on the camera.)

Good luck, and don't wait too long. Right now I just use the video option on my digital camera. I really regret not getting a camcorder sooner.



answers from Fort Wayne on

We have a DVD camcorder AND a mini Camcorder. We are going to get rid of our DVD one b/c we had like 10 tapes from when our daughter was a baby we wanted to watch and couldn't so got a mini cam so we could. I liked the DVD one you can use it in the DVD on TV, Computer really anywhere you can put a DVD... It has a photo shot on it as well. If I am not mistaken there is a card in it you can put in a comp and download videos from it as well. Not 100% on that tho but see why you couldn't... Good luck with what you get...



answers from Youngstown on

We have a video recorder called a Flip. It works great. No tapes. It is all digital. It runs on batteries so as long as you have an extra set ready you are always charged up. We had a recorder with tapes and it always seemed to lose its charge when we wanted to use it. It is pretty small and very easy to use. It comes with a built in USB for connection to a computer. I know my husband has some sort of software on the computer to read and store the movies we make but I am unsure of what that is. We can burn the videos to a DVD for storage as well.



answers from Toledo on

I'm not sure if this is exaclty what you are looking for, but we have both a camcorder and a digital camera. We use the digital camera for movies much more than we use the digital camera. We can take at least a 10-15 minute video with the camera and it has decent sound. We have found that we use the digital camera all the time to grab small videos of our girls doing everyday things. We have pulled out the camcorder for their baptisms and Christmas and that is about it but we have hundreds of smaller videos on the digital camera. Just a thought for you. Good luck!!




answers from Indianapolis on

We LOVE our JVC 30G hard drive camcorder. It's easy to use and we don't have to worry about running out of room on a tape or disk and remembering to bring them along!

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