To Many Hobbies So Little Time .What Are Your Hobbies????

Updated on April 23, 2010
M.C. asks from Schaumburg, IL
3 answers

Ok, I'm making my own soy candles for over a year now,orderd my material to get started to make my own goats milk soap
and today I discovered the art of felting.
It looks so beautiful.
My dream would be, to have a little store and do all my art and sell it,along with some coffee and biscotties......
I also love to paper mache,garden it never ends...
The only problem, there is just never enough time.
What are your hobbies???

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answers from Raleigh on

Have you thought about selling you little creations on etsy? I don't know that it would be enough to survive, but it may make you enough to support your hobby. Just a thought... :)

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answers from Chicago on

That's great that you have a long term goal! I say you should stick to the hobby that you enjoy the most and the one you know you will be doing for a very long time! Don't spread too thin!
I'm an esthetician and love what I do! However, taking care of my kids and my home is more of a priority right now! So what I'm doing is seeing limited clients on a part time basis, and organizing Facial Parties at people's home which allow me to do what I love to do, socialize with people, and have a great time!
May be we can do a Facial/Candle & Soap party together?? lol

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answers from Kansas City on

etsy is a great idea, or set up a little website if you know anyone with the techno abilities (or have them yourself!). I make bows for my daughter and other little girls I know, and love to cross stitch. It keeps my hands busy while I watch tv. :-)

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