Summer Knitting Ideas

Updated on March 27, 2012
J.K. asks from Audubon, IA
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Not sure how many people on here knit but even those who don't can answer this!

I'm addicted to knitting, but in the summer/spring months I don't enjoy it as much because most of what I make are for the winter months! Scarves, hats, sweaters, blankets. Any ideas for summer items?

Another problem I have is knitting more things than I need. :) I should start selling!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the ideas ladies! I've started knitting a work out bag for myself and I'm going to be making a dinosaur baby hat for my friend's new born. :)

I never thought to donate blankets/hats to the hospital/elderly care centers. That's a great idea! My MIL used to work at the care center so I can certainly find out if they need any :) That'd be a wonderful project.

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answers from Minneapolis on

My grandma makes kitchen washcloths from cotton yarn. Not very exciting, but quick, easy and they make the BEST washcloths. I have so many I can easily use a fresh one every day without doing tons of laundry. She gives them out as gifts or small tokens of appreciation. I've seen people sell them at craft fairs too.


answers from Houston on

teacup and apple cozies, have you seen them, adorable? Facial wash cloths, light, airy summer shrugs, bags... scroll down, some neat summer ideas here:

Also, if you do decide to sell online like through Etsy, remember it's cold in the summer in other countries.



answers from New York on

We have knitters and crocheters in my oiffice. They make all kinds of great stuff. From summer cover ups, to vests to skirts to shirts to shawls. It really does make a difference the weight of the yarn and the size of the needles or hooks. Or make your way to the craft store to find books with plenty of fresh ideas.

Another thing that comes to mind would be pillow cases or lighter weight summer throws. Baby clothes are always cute in knitted form. Again a lighter weight yarn would make the garment appropriate for the summer months and yes you should sell your items if they are that good. It is a really nice side hustle.


answers from Los Angeles on

Yep, summer is the time for making scarves, sweaters, caps and blankets for holiday gifts, but I have seen some beautiful summer ponchos made by friends like the cranberry one here:


answers from Washington DC on

You can always make blankets for preemies in the hospital ... check out this link:



answers from Redding on

I've seen some darling patterns for light sweaters or cover ups that would work well for summer. It doesn't really ever get hot where I live so it's always at least sweater weather.

A young man locally has a love for knitting and started a program called "Knitting for Newborns". He made little hats for the babies born at the hospital he works at. The program has really taken off. I believe that hats are now also made for the hospital's cancer patients.
Keep in mind that there are plenty of nursing homes with patients who would love a cozy blanket. If you have a VA hosptial near you, they always have volunteers who make things for the patients and the patients love them. My grandfather was in a VA hospital and some of the blankets that were made for him have been passed down to my children. Grandpa's not here anymore, but the blankets and the love that were put into them are.
You can put your love of knitting to good use, for sure.

My sister and I visited a lovely yarn shop and they had so many catalogs of patterns.
Knitting doesn't have to be just for winter.

Best wishes!



answers from Davenport on

I crochet and have the same issues - try something light and lacy, shawls, shrugs, cardigans.....or something functional - purses or bags, bowls or baskets; even when its warm, newbornbabies still wear booties and light cardigans and little hats - make them with thinner sock yarn or cotton yarns for summer weather.

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