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Updated on April 17, 2012
D.J. asks from Huntington Beach, CA
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I am looking for a good meditation dvd or cd for my dad. He has extremely high blood pressure that they haven't been able to bring down with medication and they are trying to modify his diet but nothing seems to work. It was suggested he try meditation -- so, if any of you ladies has a good recommendation for a 65-year-old man to try I would greatly appreciate it. Just fyi, my dad is so not into this stuff but is willing to try anything, so hopefully someone can suggest something not too "new age" so that he will actually do it ( :
Thank you for your time.

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answers from Austin on

I love you for loving your dad! I like the music kyosk stand inside of Target stores. You can find violin music, celtic sounds...

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answers from Las Vegas on

The other moms had good ideas but I'm thinking that he is probably dehydrated and needs calcium. Most doctors have no clue for a natural alternative. If he drinks soda its only adding to his problem



answers from Appleton on

I like the ocean sounds for meditation. I have a couple of CDs that have the sounds of the ocean and classical music and I can slip into meditation quite easily.
All he needs to do is sit or lie comfortabally floor works best --it helps to ground you. Concentrate on his breathing--and empty his mind.

Look for some meet up groups ( I found a meditation group near me in Wisconsin.

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