Has Anyone Tried "Spool Knitting?"

Updated on January 03, 2010
L.M. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
4 answers

Hi, Mamas,

I got my 7-y-o a spool knitting kit for Xmas that says ages 6+ on it, and I can't figure it out, no matter how much I try to interpret the instructions or look for diagrams on the Internet. A skinny knitted tube is supposed to come down through the spool -- how does this happen? We just have more and more of the yarn stuck on the pegs on top. Any advice will be appreciated!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I think I had something similar as a kid. There should be a little hook that came with the kit which you use to hook the yarn over the little nubs at the top of the spool. You basically wrap the yarn around the spool alternating nubs as you go. Eventually you have to hook the lower yarn over the upper one. It looks a little like a star when you look at it from above. It's not as complicated as it sounds. Soon the yarn will start to come down as a little tube. I never did anything with my knitted tubes...but you can stich them together to make little scarves or blankets....

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Try this video for an step by step view of how to spool knit:

If you still have difficulties, try stopping by your local yarn or craft store (go big box if you have no better alternatives in your area). You'll probably also find that there are friends or neighbors who used to spool (aka french) knit who would be happy to help you and your child learn the art! (You can also check out videos on finger knitting-- same basic concept, but you use your fingers instead of the pegs on the spool.)

It takes some time and determination to get the hang of it and it won't really look like much of anything til you get 5 to 10 -or more- rows completed, so the two of you will need to work on it a little while before you see any encouraging results. And even then, you'll probably not want to do much with your first attempt. On the bright side, if you don't split the yarn too much, you can simply take your first attempt off the spool, unwind it and start over with the same yarn.

My 8 year old started a spool project about a year ago is only about halfway done. He finds it frustrating after a while and sets it aside for months before picking it up again. However, he's learning some great things from his efforts, so it's all worthwhile. Just give it some time!

If you need any other advice, feel free to contact me via Mamasource!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I will try to explain it. First drop the end of your yarn into the spool so it comes out of the bottom, giving you something to hold onto along with the spool. Next take the yarn at the top of the spool and wrap it around each peg one time around, next after each peg is wrapped around one time take your yarn and take it around the outside of all the pegs. Next take your needle and pick up the yarn that is wrapped around each peg individually and lift it up and over the top of the peg. Do this all around until you picked up the yarn on each peg. When you get to the beginning just wrap the yarn around the outside of all the pegs and loop over again, you just keep doing this and you will get the tube you are looking for. Remember to pull down lightly on the piece of yarn that is through the spool as that is where your tube will come from.
Good luck,

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answers from Harrisburg on

Weave the yarn around the pegs...one on the inside...the next on the outside. When you have 2 rows on, use the tool provided and lift the bottom yarn over the top yarn and "drop" it into the center. Repeat. My daughter has been doing it for years on her own and once you "get it", it's very easy.

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