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Online Grade School?

W.E. asks from Sacramento

are there any accredited online grade schools? I've heard of online high school but not grade school. I'm unable to homeschool traditionally as my mother has dementia...


2Nd Grade

J.M. asks from Houston

My daughter went to private school since she was 2 and is not going into 2nd grade next year. I want to move her to public school I think she will get more out of it ...


Skipping a Grade

A. asks from Minneapolis

My son is in second grade, and he is advanced in math and reading at a 5th grade level. We are having conversations with his teacher and principal about moving him to...


1St Grade - School? EDITED

M.R. asks from Cleveland

Ok ladies.. I'm seeking your help again!! My son will be 7 and is currently enrolled in a public school. However, I'm becoming concerned b/c last year he went to a p...


3Rd Grade and 4Th Grade

K.B. asks from Milwaukee

i live in wisconsin and my son is having issues in 3rd grade. i had a meeting today with his teacher and the principal and the principal informed me that it is the sc...


3Rd Grade

R.S. asks from Utica

Hi , My son will be going to 3rd grade this year. It would be really great if someone could tell me what I need to teach him (or he should know) before starting th...


1St Grade

C.G. asks from Dallas

My daughter is in kindergarten, however can anyone advise me on what they teach them in 1st grade. During the summer time I would like to introduce 1st grade lessons...


Skipping a Grade

K.B. asks from Kansas City

I am faced with the decision of letting my 7 year (1st Grade) old skip the 2nd grade. He was going to the 2nd grade for reading and math time, so he could continue to...


Skipping a Grade

S.B. asks from Cleveland

I have posted on here before about my son and the situation I was having with him and school, now some new developments have brought me back to get some more informat...


Homework in Grade School

M.S. asks from Chicago

My daughter is in third grade. Her homework only takes around 10 to 15 minutes a night, but sometimes hard to fit it in! What grade do they start having more homew...