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Sports on TV

Do you count sports towards kids TV time? I'm leaning towards no. My husband loves sports so watching them with the my daughter, and eventually my sons, is bonding time. My daughter and my husband curl up on the couch together and watch all sports. My twins are only 4 months, but my husband is looking forward to watching sports with them when they are older. I'm curious if I'm trying to justify the TV watching, or if it isn't a big deal. She doesn't watch much other TV on sports days, but without sports, she is usually allowed 2 hours...


The Sports Question

When my son was very young he was somewhat uncoordinated. He tried t-ball...


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Baseball for a Child

Ladies, we just signed my son up for baseball and he just turned 5 in December,and is in Pre K, so I believe most of the boys on the team are older than him. The problem is after the game the coach chooses a player to receive the game ball. This is the fourth game they've played and my son, for some reason, has to have this ball. Well, last night they lost the game again and the coach asked them who wanted the ball and most of the kids, along with my son, raised their hands for the ball. Well, my son once again did not get the ball. ...


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Gymnastics-TX Tumblers or ASI?

Our girls want to go for gymnastics. We had them in tumbling when they were toddlers and are showing an interest again esp. after watching the olympics. I've looked on line and am wondering which gym would be better-Texas Tumblers or ASI in Keller. Can anyone tell my what you think of these gyms? I will go by and look at both of them but would love opinions. Thanks so much


Boys in Gymnastics

Hi Everyone, Ok, so I'm here to vent a little and to find out more...


Dance and Gymnastics

Please send me any information regarding a good dance school that offers...

Martial Arts & Karate

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I Am Confused - Children's Soccer Team...

My children are on a soccer team for the winter season...the entire season is 8 weeks long. There are only 7 kids on the team. It was NOT inexpensive to pay the fees and buy the necessary equipment needed. We are on week 7 of the season. There is one child on the team that has missed 3 games out of 7. The other ones that he did show up for, he ended up leaving in the middle of the game without a word to the coaches. The only time that he actually stayed the entire game was the week that his Mom had signed up to bring snacks. I cannot...

Swim Lessons

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Swimming Lessons--should I Do Them Myself?

I was a swim instructor for 5 years and (obviously) want my two kids (5-1/2 and 8) to learn how to swim. However, I've heard that you can't teach your own kids to swim and just want to put them into swimming lessons. My husband thinks that I'm being lazy and "not wanting" to teach my own kids, but I don't want one more thing to discipline/push them on. What do you think?


Emler Swim Lessons?

Does anyone have an opinion about Emler swimming lessons? Is it worth the...