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Having to Hold Baby Constantly

I have a 9 weeks old baby who is fine when I am holding him but the second I set him down he screams out. He cries so hard until I pick him up and he is fine. I have tried to let him cry but it doesn't last long(I dont like hearing him cry that hard(. I feel bad because I have to hold him so much I dont get to do much stuff with my 2 year old. I am constantly having to tell him to wait until Ethan is asleep. And when my husband tries to help the baby screams just as hard. Please help! I have tried a snugli he doesn't seem to like it. I...

Playing with Others

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Wedding, Pregnant Sister?

Hello, I am new on here but I hear that this website is alot of help, with mutiple issues, from a friend. My problem is not mother-related. My problem is about my wedding. To begin, I am 21, the baby of the family (2 sisters), and the first to get married out of my sisters. I am getting married Oct. 8th of this year. My fiancee proposed to me around Thanksgiving. I have begin planning since then with 7 bridesmaids, 2 maid honors (my sisters), etc............. To make a long story short, I pick my date shortly after my fiancee...


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1St Grade Field Trip. Am I CRAZY?

ok so my 6 year old brings home a field trip permission slip for the Milwaukee Zoo. I looked at it like... what?! First of all, that is in another state and over an hour away... which already has me giving it a big "no thanks". I immediately wasn't comfortable with the distance of the bus ride. I just don't think a large group of 6 year olds need to be that far away in such a huge place without their parents. My daughter wasn't really wanting to go if I couldn't go as a chaperone, which I cannot really do because I have a 6 month old...