The Empty Nest

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Help, Empty Nest Ideas!

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

I have been having such difficulty with "empty nest". I have 3 children and the youngest one has moved out about a year ago. What a shocker. I keep saying "my mom enc...


Empty Nest Syndrome

E.C. asks from Syracuse

Any advice for me would be greatly appreciated on this. My mother now has 6 grown children . . . and the worst case of empty nest syndrome I've ever seen!!!! She is...


Empty Nest - from the Mother's Point of View

K.S. asks from Youngstown

In trying to figure out how to cope with my newly empty nest after 32 total years of being a mother, I've heard a lot of daughters' point of view. I understand that ...


Empty Nest Syndrome on the horizion.....HELP!!!!

A.W. asks from Washington DC

I am a single parent, who has been divorced over 10 years and has been out of the dating scene for 7 plus years. I have devoted my life to raising my daughter and tha...


Experiencing Empty Nest Symdrome, Only Child Gone to College

K.N. asks from Cleveland

My only child is gone to college and I'm only 35, experiencing empty nest syndrome to the fullest this is the first time I have been by myself, there is no man in my ...


Empty Nest

S.T. asks from Washington DC

i suppose this is less of a question and more of a plea for support. my younger is moving out this coming weekend. i woke up this morning with my heart so heavy, know...


Empty Nest

J.L. asks from San Diego

I have a neighbor whose daughter is leaving for a fantastic university next month. My neighbor's husband died when her daughter was six-years-old and its been the two...


Empty Nest Syndrom

B.G. asks from Boston

I am the mom of three great kids 24, 19 and 14 and I am 43. My 24 is moved out and all wrapped up in her own life, my 19 yo is busy with college and spends a quarter...


Empty Nest Syndrome

S.L. asks from San Antonio

How do I deal with my 18 year old leaving home? I am so worried about her, Is she eating right? Is she safe at night? Is she happy? I guess I never thought she would ...


Ready for Empty Nest

K.C. asks from Lansing

I have a 19 year old daughter who just doesn't seem to be motivated to move on with life. No apsirations for college. Unemployed. My 15 year old son has asked me w...