Girl or Boy Scouts

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Cub Scouts/ Daisy Scouts

B.S. asks from Rochester

I am in my 6th year as a cub scout leader. Oour youngest boy is a "wolf" this year. I recently became a Daisy scout leader after signing our daughter up and waiting a...


Cub Scouts

S.D. asks from San Diego

Hello Mom's! What is your experience with cub scouts and/or boy scouts? Was it a rewarding and enriching experience for the entire family, especially the scout...


Cub Scouts

K.R. asks from Orlando

I have a 6 year old who wants to join cub scouts, I would love to say yes but I am a sahm with a 4 year old and a new born. My husband works odd hours so I can't coun...


Benefits of Boy Scouts/

L.O. asks from Detroit

My 5 year old son will soon by old enough for boy scouts..(cub scouts) . My husband is very excited that he join boy scouts.. He says he will learn morals respect an...


Cub Scouts

T.L. asks from Dallas

Anyone have a son in Cub Scouts? My son came home from school today raving about it. My husband took him to the first meeting (info) tonight. I was in Brownies as a l...


Who Is Interested in Scouting?

D.S. asks from Phoenix

I was just wondering what this community of moms thinks about scouting; cub scouts, girl scouts, etc. Is it on your to-do list, or do you feel like it's not even rem...


What Do You Think About Cub Scouts?

M. asks from Chicago

My son wants to get involved with Cub Scouts. I don't know anyone involved so I'm looking for advice. Is it time consuming? What's your opinion/experience of/with it?...


Girl Scouts...

R.D. asks from Richmond

Whatever happened to Girl Scouts? It was such a big thing when I was a kid... my daughters have been on a waiting list for TWO YEARS to be placed in a troop... unless...


Pros and Cons of Cub Scouts

S.H. asks from Santa Barbara

My son has a flyer for cub scouts and I am thinking of signing him up. I plan to be with him, so the whole child molester thing is not the con I am looking for here (...


Cub Scouts / Boy Scouts

D.C. asks from Dallas

Hi, my oldest son (9) is a cub scout (webelo next)..... The first couple of years it has been fun, all the boys were very involved, but now, it all has faded......