Kaleidoscope Camp (Arlington Hts Park District)

Updated on June 13, 2009
Y.D. asks from Arlington Heights, IL
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Hello, have you ever tried the Kaleidoscope camp? I was going to enroll my child there but was told that the camp is taught by college students. This sort of scared me away. Was I right?

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answers from Chicago on

My twins were enrolled at Kaleidoscope camp in Arlington Hts. at the rec. park location, when they were four years old. Yes, the staff that coordinates the activities are young, but many other camps are the same way.

A positive to this is that probably due to their young age, they had a lot of enthusiasm and energy for the kids.

When they go in the pool, the kids who are younger than 7 (I believe is the age) can only go in the wading pool and the pool is staffed with certified lifeguards. (This restriction was perfectly fine with me.) My kids wanted to go in the big pool, but I said that is against the rule and that there are plenty of times that I could take them later on.) The camp workers did refer the wading pool to the "baby pool" Well... ever since my kids heard "baby pool", they said swimming time was boring. I mentioned to the camp counselors that they might want to change their terminology because my kids didn't want to go anymore because they said... "They only let us go in the BABY pool mom and that's boring." Which is funny because until they heard it phrased as the "baby" pool, my kids were happy/content with playing in it:)

The oldest worker that was with the kids told me she was 21 yrs. old and in college ... she was the lead counselor. They do have adults older than this that are responsible for the camp, but they did not work directly with the kids the year my kids were there.

They put wristbands on the kids for the pool to indicate which pool they were allowed in. They did a group game, craft and snack everyday. I thought the young workers did a nice job with the kids. I know my son liked that one of the counselors was a teenage boy around 18 years old. On the last day, they have a little show for the parents where the kids sing songs and they get certificates. (They taught them a lot of cute songs/hand clapping games.)My daugher liked this part a lot.

We did not return the following year because I let my kids decide and they said no. But... don't let that steer you away from going with Kal Camp because my kids are and still are somewhat "homebodies" and they want me with them when they go places. (My mom, aunt, etc.... have tried to take them places and my son still says at 7 yrs. old... "only if my mom comes too.") But slowly that's getting better- he has gone on a few playdates without me this year:)

Have a fun summer!



answers from Chicago on

Not necessarily........remember those same young people may be your child's teacher in the next year or two.

I would check out what the management of the camp is.....are these what you consider responsible adults???
Do they have the experience in child supervision you expect? What criteria do they use to hire the "teens" that will be working with the children one on one?

These points will help you make a good choice for you and your kids. Many of the park district programs are over seen by one or two adults and then in the hands of teenagers as young as 14.......to have college students would be an improvement!



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On the contrary - Kal Camp is wonderful. If your child is outgoing and makes new friends easily, I highly recommend it. The kids have so much fun! If your child is shy and has trouble feeling comfortable in a strange environment, you should not enroll.



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I worked for the Buffalo Grove Park District for over 15 years, through high School and College and beyond for a few years. The staff is mostly high school and college, but they are the most caring, energenic staff! We never had anyone get seriously hurt, I think I can count on one hand how many real injuries we had in 15 years, with over 100 kids a summer I would say that is pretty good. While I have not heard of the Arl Hts camp...I do not think you should be scared. There are older supervisors and coordinators that oversee the camps!

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