Learning: Munchkin

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Thanks for the Fun at Munchkin Gym!

I had a wonderful time watching my 3 year old run around and fly through the air on things at Munchkin Gym this last Friday. I would have loved to have met some people but chasing a 3 year old and 1 year old didn't allow me to stop and chat much. I saw many with name tags but didn't get a chance to stop and visit. If anyone goes again next week I'd love to say hello. I am a little homesick and loved to get away to have some fun with my girls.


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Team Building Activities

I work in a professional accounting firm and am a member of our Activities Committee. Our job is to organize and implement team building or just plain fun activities once a month. Some of the things we've done in the past is bingo, raffle with a cash prize, fantasy football, . There is resistance from the employees about 'having' to participate in activities or pot lucks, etc. (For example, they don't like pot luck lunches because they don't want to spend their lunch eating around a conference room table with people they work with all day....


Kid Play Areas

Hi Ladies- I was wondering what other kid play areas there are in the...

Playing with Others

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Is the 3-D Experience Worth It for a 4Yr Old?

My son really wants to see "How to Train Your Dragon". I know it's still in the theatre here, but am wondering if it's worth trying to take him to since it's in 3-D. I am afraid the glasses will be so big on his face that he will get frustrated and then not want to watch the rest of the movie. Anyone taken their munchkin to a 3-D? Would you do it again? Thanks moms!


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Card/board Games for High School Boys

Anyone have any ideas of some card and/or board games that high school boys might enjoy?? This is for a church youth activity and I have no idea what might be popular right now. Thank you!!


Skipping a Grade

My son is in second grade, and he is advanced in math and reading at a 5th...